SWIMMING: First and third for Daventry Dolphins teams

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November got off to a flying start for the members of the Daventry Dolphins at the Corby Halloweeeeeeen Gala.

The swimmers had the option of dressing up and some coaching staff travelled over on their broomsticks!

The gala was swum long course (50m pool format) and all events were over 50m distances.

Head Coach Rob Sharp selected the teams and was hopeful of getting them as equal as possible with the swimmers gaining valuable ‘tough racing long course experience’ against each other.

All swimmers were selected to swim at least one individual race and relays.

The gala result saw Daventry Black finish first with 315 points, Corby were second with 305, Daventry Red third with 301 and Rushden fourth with 279.

Both Daventry teams looked very strong and the club is very pleased to have beaten the host and rival county club Corby. (Rivals in the pool, friends out of it!)

Dolphins A claim big victory in Leicester

IN the Autumn League round two the A and C teams travelled to Enderby in Leicester, and the B team travelled to Burton-upon-Trent for their respective second round galas.

With both the A and B teams winning their first round galas, it was crucial that they both tried to achieve top two gala places to ensure that they would be in the final in December.

The A team won their gala with Leicester Neptunes A finishing as very surprising runners up.

The B team finished in an agonising third place against a strong Swadlincote and host team Burton, and everyone at the club has been waiting on tenterhooks to see if they did enough.

Many personal best times were recorded and Emily Sharp broke her own 13-14yrs 100m backstroke record

Enderby Gala Result


2nd Leicester Neptune A 216

3rd Leicester Sharks C 201

4th Kettering B 153

5th Loughborough B 144

6th Daventry Dolphins C 42

First places

Girls 14/u 4 x 50m free and medley relays: Holly Cochrane / Rachel Coates / Keely Saville and Libby Ward

Boys 14/u 4 x 50m free and medley relays: Crawford Wright / Chris D’Agostino / Sam Ayris and Skip Snelson

Ladies Open age free and medley relays; Nichola Smith / Emily Smith-Williams / Emma Bond / Keely Saville

Rachel Coates 14/u 100m breat

Chris D’Agostino 14/u 100m breast

Hannah Webber 12/u 50m fly

Loren Snelson open 100m free

Lottie Shaw 10/u 25m breast

Emily Smith-Williams open 100m back and 100m breast

Jack Bond open 100m back

Crawford Wright 12/u 50m back

Skip Snelson 12/u 50m breast

Grace Hughes 12/u 50m free

Second places

Girls 10/u 4 x 25m free and medley relays: Hannah Baker / Lottie Shaw / Emily Weller / Bethan Thomas

Girls 12/u 4 x 50m free relay; Grace Hughes / Lottie Shaw / Hannah Webber / Hannah Baker

Mens open 4 x 50m free and medley relay: Jack bond / Loren Snelson / Chris D’Agostino / Sam Ayris

Boys 12/u 4 x 50m medley relay: Skip Snelson / James Ward / Crawford Wright / Daniel Northover

Crawford Wright 12/u 50m fly

Emma Bond open 100m fly and 100m free

Sam Ayris 14/u 50m fly / 14/u 100m back

Jack Bond open 100m fly

Emily Weller 10/u 25m fly

Justin Murphy 10/u 25m fly

Keely Saville 14/u 100m free

Hannah Webber 12/u 50m back
Chris D’Agostino Open 100m breast

Holly Cochrane 14/u 100m back

Third places

Bethan Thomas 10/u 25m back

Hannah Baker 10/u 25m free

Ruben Snelson 10/u 25m free

Lottie Shaw 12/u 50m breast

Girl;s 12/u 4 x 50m medley relay: Bethan Thomas / Lottie Shaw / Hannah Webber / Grace Hughes

Grace Webber, representing the C team, was third in the 14/u 50m fly.

Nicole Hall and Georgia Speck both made their debuts.

Burton-upon-Trent Gala result

1st Swadlincote SC 225

2nd Burton SC 206


4th Rugby B 164

5th coalville B 118

6th Leicester Knighton Fields 87

First places

Grace Cadd 14/u 100m breast

Rachel Sullivan open 100m free and 100m back

William Adhemar open 100m free and 100m fly

Megan Browne 14/u 50m fly

Lucy Browne 10/u 25m fly

Emily Sharp 14/u 100m back (Club record time to be ratified) and open 100m fly

Gilrs 14/u medley and free relay: Emily Sharp / Grace Cadd / Megan Browne / Charlotte Wilkins

Ladies open free relay: Rachel Sullivan / Grace Cadd / Emily Sharp / Megan Browne

8 x 25m mixed gender free relay: Chelsie Winter / Matthew Natawidjaja / Greta Grindrod / Stephen Loc / Emily Sharp / Tom Hughes / Rachel Sullivan / William Adhemar

Second places

10/u girls 4 x 25m free relay: Megan shocklidge / Felicity Cooksey / Lucy Browne / Chelsie Winter

10/u boys 4 x 25m free relay: Matthew Natawidjaja / Isaac Sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Jacob Hull

Mens open 4 x 50m free and medley relays: Tom Hughes / George Jarman / William Adhemar / Tom Stevens

Matthew Natawidjaja 10/u 25m back

Stephen Loc 12/u 50m fly

Grace Cadd open 100m breast

Chelsie Winter 10/u 25m free

Tom Hughes 14/u 100m back

Ladies Open 4 x 50m medley relay: Rachel Sullivan / Grace Cadd / Megan Browne / Emily Sharp

Third places

Boys 14/u 4 x 50m free relay: Stephen Loc / Tom Hughes / Tom Stevens / Miles Baker

Megan Shocklidge 10/u 25m back

Tom Hughes 14/u 100m back

Josh Hill 12/u 50m back

Jacob Hull 10/u 25m free

Boys10/u 4 x 25m medley Matthew Natawidjaja / Isaac sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-smyth / Jacob Hull

Youngsters shine at club championships

The Daventry Dolphins 400m freestyle Championships were contested at the Daventry Leisure Centre.

There were three age groups being contested, and they were A: 9, 10, 11 & 12yrs; B: 13, 14, 15yrs and C: 16yrs +


Girl’s age group A

1st Grace Hughes / 2nd Lottie Shaw / 3rd Chelsie Winter

Girl’s Age group B

1st Emily Sharp / 2nd Rachel Coates / 3rd Keely Saville

Girl’s Age group C

1st Rachel Sullivan / 2nd Emma Bond

Boy’s age group A

1st Skip Snelson / 2nd Crawford 
Wright / 3rd Joshua Hill

Boy’s Age group B

1st Joseph Iacovides / 2nd Thomas Hughes / 3rd Sam Ayris - Joseph broke the 15/16 yrs age group record with a time of 4.12.72 (The previous record time was 4:16.32 by Joshua Sullivan in November 2010)

Boy’s Age group C

1st Jack Bond

All the contestants were awarded a Certificate of Participation to record their individual results. The top three in each category were awarded medals and the age group respective winners received a perpetual shield.