SWIMMING: Daventry Dolphins enjoy County Championships success

WINNING SMILES - the Daventry Dolphins individual and relay event winners show off their prizes (Picture: Ian Spencer)
WINNING SMILES - the Daventry Dolphins individual and relay event winners show off their prizes (Picture: Ian Spencer)

Joseph Iacovides, William Adhemar, Emily Smith-Williams and Rachel Coates were just some of the star Daventry Dolphins performers at the Northants ASA County Championships in Corby.

The club enjoyed another excellent couple of days on the second weekend of the championships at Corby, the first having been held last month, with the 44-strong team claiming a stack of medals, as well as recording several regional qualifying times and three club records.

Iacovides was the club’s top solo performer, finishing as the top overall boy in the 13 Years category, while Adhemar was the second best boy in the 15 Years age group.

In the 11 Years girls age-group, Coates was third overall, while Emily Smith-Williams was fifth overall in th girls 13 Years.

Gold medals in races were achieved by a clutch of swimmers.

Race winners included Joseph Iacovides, Smith-Williams, Coates, Adhemar and Sophie Iacovides.

Joseph Iacovides, Smith-Williams and Adhemar all also recorded club record times, while there were plenty of silver and bronze medal performances as well.

The second weekend of competition started with the men’s open age 4x50m medley relay, and the Dolphins team set the tone for the weekend.

The Daventry quartet took silver in a very tight finish with only 0.06 of a second separating the silver to bronze ahead of Rushden SC.

The team were Jack Bond on back, Darren Barber on breast, Adhemar on fly with Johnathan Was anchoring the freestyle leg.

There were other relay successes too.

In the ladies open age freestyle relay, the Daventry ‘girls’ Anya Bennett, Sophie Iacovides, Rachel Sullivan and Emma Bond took the bronze. In the ladies open 4x50m medley relay, Daventry’s young team put in outstanding performances to win the silver medal.

The team were Emily Sharp 12yrs (backstroke), Anya Bennett 13yrs (breaststroke), Emily Smith-Williams 13yrs (fly) and Emma Bond 15yrs (freestyle).

All the results from the Dolphins swimmers are listed below.

All in all, it was a great weekend for the Dolphins and head coach Barry Sharp said: “There were lots of medals, finals, personal best times, Dolphins Club records, Midland Regional qualification times, near national qualification times, smiles, adrenalin.

“So thanks for swimmers for making this the most successful County Championships we have had for the past four years, if not for the past 10 years as a club.”


Event 22 Ladies 50m free: 4th Rachel Sullivan 15yrs/ pb; 5th Sophie Iacovides 15yrs; 6th Emma Bond 15yrs/ pb; 4th Rachel Coates 11yrs/ pb

Event 23 Mens 100m breaststroke: 4th Christopher D’Agostino 13yrs/ pb

Event 24 Ladies 200m back: 3rd Rachel Coates 11yrs; 3rd Rachel Sullivan 15yrs; 4th Sophie Iacovides 15yrs; 5th Emily Sharp 12yrs

Event 25 Mens 50m back: 2nd Jack Bond 15yrs; 2nd Joseph Iacovides 13yrs/ pb

Event 27 13 Years Mens 400m freestyle: 1st Joseph Iacovides 13yrs, pb/ RQT & CLUB RECORD; 2nd William Adhemar 15yrs

Event 28 Mens Open 4 x 50m Freestyle relay: The team were: William Adhemar 15yrs, Johnathan Was 18, Joseph Iacovides 13yrs and Jack Bond 15yrs. Fifth place, but three seconds faster than last 2012.

Event 29 Ladies 400m Individual medley: 2nd Emma Bond 15yrs

Event 30 Mens 50m free: 2nd Joseph Iacovides 13yrs/pb; 2nd William Adhemar 15yrs/ pb; 5th Jack Bond 15 yrs/ pb

Event 31 Ladies 100m breast stroke: 1st Emily Smith-Williams 13yrs/ pb / RQT & CLUB RECORD; 1st Rachel Coates 11yrs; 3rd Anya Bennett 13yrs; 3rd Kimberley Mann 15yrs; 4th Katie Cox 12yrs; 4th Sophie Iacovides 15yrs; 5th Polly smith 11yrs; 6th Rachel Sullivan 15yrs/ pb

Event 32 Mens 200m back: 1st Joseph Iacovides 13yrs; 3rd Jack Bond 15yrs; 6th Joshua Hill 9yrs/pb

Event 33 Ladies 50m backstroke: 2nd Emily Sharp 12yrs; 3rd Rachel Sullivan 15yrs; 4th Emily Smith-Williams 13yrs; 4th Rachel Coates 11yrs; 5th Sophie Iacovides 15yrs

Event 34 Ladies open Age 100m Breaststroke Final: For the second year in succession, the Dolphins had two swimmers qualify for the final, a fantastic achievement for both these young girls: 4th Emily Smith-Williams 13yrs RQT; 8th Anya Bennett 13yrs

Event 35 Ladies 4 x 100m freestyle 
relay: The Daventry team of Anya 
Bennett, Sophie Iacovides, Rachel Sulllivan and Emma Bond won the bronze medal

Event 36 Men’s 200m butterfly: 1st William Adhemar 15yrs/ Junior Silver / pb and RQT

Event 37 Ladies 200m free: 2nd Emma Bond 15yrs; 3rd Rachel Coates 11yrs; 3rd Rachel Sullivan 15yrs

Event 38 Mens 100m freestyle: 1st Joseph Iacovides 13yrs/ pb / RQT; 2nd William Adhemar 15yrs/ pb / RQT; 4TH Jack Bond 15yrs

Event 39 Ladies 200m breast stroke: 
1st Emily Smith-Williams 13yrspb /; 1st Rachel Coates 11yrs; 2nd Kimberley 
Mann 15yrs; 3rd Emma Bond 15yrs; 4th Polly Smith 11yrs; 4th Rachel Sullivan 15yrs; 5th Katie Cox 12yrs; 6th Anya Bennett 13yrs

Event 40 Men’s 50m butterfly: 1st William Adhemar 15yrspb / RQT & CLUB RECORD; 2nd Joseph Iacovides 13yrs/ pb; 3rd Crawford Wright 10yrs; 5th Jack Bond 15yrs/ pb

Event 42 Men’s open 4 x 100m freestyle relay: The Daventry quartet of William Adhemar, Harry Ballmann, Joseph Iacovides and Jack Bond came fourth. The boys were only 0.17 of a second from taking home another medal.

Event 43 Ladies 200m butterfly: 1st Emma Bond 15yrs

Event 44 Men’s 200m freestyle: 1st Joseph Iacovides 13yrspb / RQT; 3rd William Adhemar 15 yrs; 5th Jack Bond 15yrs

Event 45 Ladies 100m freestyle: 3rd Rachel Coates 11yrs/ pb; 3rd Emma Bond 15yrs/ pb; 5th Rachel Sullivan 15yrs/ pb

Event 46 Men’s 200m breaststroke: 3rd Joseph Iacovides 13yrs; 4th Johnathan Was 17+yrspb; 5th Christopher D’Agostino 13yrs; 6th John Quy 13yrs; 6th Jack Bond 15yrs; 6th Crawford Wright 10yrs

Event 47 Ladies 50m butterfly: 1st Sophie Iacovides 15yrs; 2nd Emily Smith-Williams 13yrs; 3rd Emma Bond 15yrs; 4th Rachel Sullivan 15yrs; 6th Emily Sharp 12yrs