SWIMMING: 19 personal bests as Dolphins claim third place

WELL DONE - the Daventry Dolphins swimmers show off their medals
WELL DONE - the Daventry Dolphins swimmers show off their medals

Following on from the success of winning the 2013 Autumn League, Daventry Dolphins entered the 2014 Winter League for round two.

In order to give the more novice swimmers the opportunity of competing at this level, the head coach selected a mixed team of the novice ability with more experienced competitors and they put in a great performance to finish third , with only 21 points separating the top three clubs.

There were 19 personal best times recorded.

Thomas Hughes, who is 13, and Lucy Critchley, who is 14, made their debuts.


1st Leicester Penguins 224

2nd Hinckley 219

3rd Daventry Dolphins 203

4th Market Harborough 168

5th Shepshed 151

First places

Girls open free relay; Ellie Davies / Emma Bond / Rachel Sullivan / Keely Saville

Keely Saville 13/u 50m fly

Samuel Ayris 13/u 50m fly

Thomas Hughes 13/u 50m free

Rachel Sullivan open 100m back

Fraizer Cochrane open 100m fly

13/u boys medley relay: Bradley Bennett / Thomas Hughes / Samuel Ayris / Daniel Smyth

Mixed ages & gender 8 x 25m Cannon free relay: Caitlin Barratt / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Maya Patchett-Smyth / Thomas Hughes / Keely Saville / George Jarman / Emma Bond / Fraizer Cochrane

Second places

Boys 15/u free relay: Thomas Stevens / Kian Saville / George Jarman / John Quy

Boys 13/u free relay: Samuel Ayris / Thomas Hughes / Bradley Bennett / Daniel Smyth

Fraizer Cochrane open 100m free

James Ward 11/u 50m breast

Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth 11/u 25m fly

Bradley Bennett 13/u 50m back

George Jarman 15/u 100m back

Emma Bond open 100m fly

Boys 11/u medley relay: Stanley Beasley / James Ward / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Daniel Smyth

Girls 15/u medley relay: Libby Ward / Lauren Deacon / Keely Saville / Lucy Critchley

Third places

11/u girls free relay: Abbie Stevens / Hannah Dennison / Maddie Ayris / Caitlin Barratt

11/u boys free relay: Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Stanley Beasley / James Ward / Daniel Smyth

15/u girls free relay: Lucy Critchley / Lauren Deacon / Libby Ward / Keely Saville

13/u girls free and medley relays: Maya Patchett-Smyth / Holly Preece / Neve Conlan / Keely Saville

Lauren Deacon 15/u 100m breast

Ellie Davies open 100m free

Libby Ward 15/u 50m fly and 100m back

Thomas Stevens 15/u 50m fly

Neve Conlan 13/u 50m breast

15/u medley relay team: John Quy / George Jarman / Thomas Stevens / Kian Saville

ROUND three is at Market Harborough on Saturday, March 29.