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DAVENTRY Dolphins swimmers have enjoyed success at the Midlands Regional Championships at the Olympic Pool at Coventry Sports Centre.

They were among hundreds of swimmers in the 10 to 14 years age groups from the 11 counties of the east and west Midlands areas.

Individual qualifiers were: Joseph Iacovides 12yrs/Rachel Coates 10yrs/Anya Bennett 12yrs/Emily Smith-Williams 12yrs/Emma Bond 14yrs and William Adhemar 14yrs.

A girls’ medley relay team was also entered in the 10-14 years age group and the swimmers for that event were Sophie Iacovides, Emily Sharp, Rachel Sullivan together with Anya Bennett.

Under the agreement that the club has with City of Coventry and Northampton SC for swimmers who undertake additional training time with them, Joseph represented City of Coventry, Emma Bond and Rachel Coates entered under Northampton SC.

The other three competitors qualified for these prestigious championships training for about six hours a week maximum whereas their counterparts can be training as much as 10-14 hours per week.

No wonder head coach Rob Sharp was ‘over the moon’ with these results.

Results for individual swimmers were: Joseph Iacovides: 6th 200m butterfly 2.48.46; 7th 100m butterfly 1.14.14; 12th 400m Individual medley 5.39.30 (personal best time); 13th 200m free 2.20.40 (personal best time); 14th 400m free 4.55.09 (personal best time); 15th 200m individual medley 2.39.89 (personal best time); 16th 200m back 2.41.47; 16th 100m free 1.05.35 (personal best time); Overall 15th 1487 points out of 56 competitors.

William Adhemar: 9th 200m butterfly; 27th 400m free 4.44.03; 38th 200m free; Overall 27th 1317 points out of 55 competitors.

Rachel Coates: 11th 200m breast 3.28.91 (personal best time); 20th 100m breast 1.42.26; Overall 43rd 551 points out of 49 competitors.

Anya Bennett: 10th 100m breast 1.25.24; 27th 200m breast 3.09.70; Overall 65th 834 points out of 89 competitors.

Emily Smith-Williams

22nd 100m breast 1.28.15; 28th 200m breast 3.10.47; Overall 71st 788 points out of 89 competitors.

Emma Bond: 36th 400m free 5.02.61; 33rd 200m free 2.21.38; Overall 62nd 510 points out of 69 competitors.

The girls’ 4 x 100m medley relay team of Emily Sharp (Back) Anya Bennett (breast) Sophie Iacovides (butterfly) and Rachel Sullivan (free) came 22nd out of 26 teams

All swimmers and head coach Rob Sharp were presented with a commemorative retro coloured (red/white) T-shirt funded by club president Lesley Sharp.

n Rachel Sullivan broke her own 200m back stroke record, recording a time of 2.35.32 at the Mid Beds Open meet at Biggleswade in May.