Success for swimmers

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THE 2011 Age Groups Sprints Championships were recently held at Daventry Leisure Centre.

This year the club invited Spinney Hill SC (SHSC) to join them with each club holding their own championships.

This was the first time SHSC had held a championships since the club was formed a few years ago.

Club president Lesley Sharp welcomed the Daventry Town Council deputy mayor, Cllr Ron Fox and introduced him to the swimmers, officials and spectators.

Earlier in the year the club had received a grant of £550 from Daventry Town Council Community Grant Fund and the money has been used to buy squad-specific coloured swimming hats to be worn in training and internal competitions, as well as for the swimmers to receive participation certificates.

The Dolphins had 47 competitors and swam a total of 190 swims out of which 130 were personal best times which was a brilliant effort.

There were five age groups for both male and female competitors: A = 8 and under/B= 9-10yrs/C = 11-12yrs/D = 13/14yrs/E = 15yrs +

Age group A swam 25m distances with all other age groups swimming 50m.

The 100m Individual Medley is an Open Age Event. Points scoring six points for first place through to one point for sixth place. The overall age group winner being determined by the largest point totals from the four stroke events.

8 & unders:

Rebecca MacCaig, despite being the only Dolphins competitor in the eight years age group, had to swim her events as per the technical rules. She did so and won her age group.

In the boys, there were two competitors Luke Putland and Joshua Hill.

Luke won the backstroke and Joshua won the breast and freestyle with Joshua being awarded the Overall Trophy

9-10yrs Girls

Fly 1st Megan Browne: 2nd Rachel Coates: 3rd Hannah MacCaig;

Back 1st Keely Saville: 2nd Hannah MacCaig: 3rd Rachel Coates:

Breast 1st Katie Cox: 2nd Rachel Coates: 3rd Keely Saville

Free 1st Rachel Coates: 2nd Keely Saville: 3rd Ellie Riddle.


1st Rachel Coates 20: 2nd Keely Saville 17: 3rd= Megan Browne and Hannah MacCaig 13 points.

9-10ys boys

Fly 1st Austin Evans: 2nd Lewis Putland

Back 1st Austin Evans: 2nd Crawford Wright: 3rd Thomas Stevens.

Breast: 1st Austin Evans

Free 1st Austin Evans: 2nd Lewis Putland: 3rd Crawford Wright


1st Austin Evans 24 pts: 2nd Lewis Putland 15 pts 3rd Crawford Wright 9pts

11-12yrs Girls

Fly 1st Alex Gibbons: 2nd Emily Smith-Williams: 3rd Emily Sharp

Back 1st Emily Sharp: 2nd Alec Gibbons: 3rd Anya Bennett

Breast 1st Anya Bennett: 2nd Alex Gibbons: 3rd Emily Smith-Williams

Free 1st Alex Gibbons: 2nd Anya Bennett: 3rd Ellie Davies


1st Alex Gibbons 22 pts: 2nd Anya Bennett 17pts: 3rd Emily Smith-Williams 15

11-12yrs Boys

Fly 1st Joseph Iacovides; 2nd Chris D’Agostino

Back 1st Joseph Iacovides: 2nd Norbert Furman: 3rd John Quy

Breast 1st Joseph Iacovides 2nd Chris D’Agostino 3rd Kian Saville

Free 1st Joseph Iacovides; 2nd Norbert Furman: 3rd Chris D’Agostino


1st Joseph Iacovides 24 points: 2nd Chris D’Agostino 14 pts: 3rd Norbert Furman 10

13-14yrs Girls

Fly 1st Sophie Iacovides: 2nd Carey Davis: 3rd Emma Bond

Back 1st Carey Davis: 2nd Sophie Iacovides: 3rd Rachel Sullivan

Breast 1st Sophie Iacovides: 2nd Carey Davis: 3rd Emma Bond

Free 1st Sophie Iacovides: 2nd Carey Davis: 3rd Emma Bond


1st Sophie Iacovides 23 points: 2nd Carey Davis 21 points: 3rd Emma Bond 14

13-14 yrs Boys

The results for all four events were

1st Jack bond: 2nd William Leong: 3rd Josh Wilson


1st Jack Bond 24 pts: 2nd William Leong 20 pts: 3rd Josh Wilson 16 pts


Fly 1st Laura Collins: 2nd Adele Jolley: 3rd Louise Balloch

Back 1st Laura Collins: 2nd Adele Jolley:

Breast 1st Laura Collins: 2nd Adele Jolley: 3rd Louise Balloch

Free 1st Laura Collins: 2nd Adele Jolley: 3rd Louise Balloch


1st Laura Collins 24pts: 2nd Adele Jolley 20pts: 3rd Louise Balloch 12pts

15yrs+ boys

Darren Barber won all 4 events with Harry Ballmann being runner up

Overall 1st Darren Barber 24 pts and Harry 20pts.

Open Age 100m Individual medley

Girls 1st Sophie Iacovides / 2nd Carey Davis: 3rd Laura Collins

Boys 1st Darren Barber: 2nd Jack Bond: 3rd Joseph Iacovides.

At the conclusion of the racing, awards were made on poolside.

The 2010-2011 Season Personal challenge for bronze, silver and gold squad swimmers – girls’ Annabel Murphy and boys’ Matthew Jordan.

Club records certificates were presented to: Joseph Iacovides two records12/u for 200m Fly and 400m Individual medley.

Anya Bennett two records 12/under girls 50m breast (twice) and subject to ratification she broke it again at the sprints and becomes the first swimmer in her age group to go sub 40 seconds.

Emily Sharp 10/under seven records 100m fly x 2.

All age group overall winners were presented with perpetual trophies and the top three in each age group were presented with gold, silver and bronze awards. Everyone who took part received a participation certificate.