Points and goals get town side off to flier

THE town side dominating possession in the early stages trying to stretch the opposition by having Jo Baynes and Angelina as high targets.

In a change to the usual line-up goalie Jo Baynes was in the unfamiliar position of centre forward. The tactics soon paid off with a run from Alex who swept the ball to Jo at left post, who tapped in her first goal for the club.

Daventry maintained the momentum with Mandy passing to Hayley on the right who weaved her way through Olney sticks to Roni who won a penalty corner. Roni pushed out to Zoe on strike who powered the ball into the backboard.

From a hit out, Mandy sent the ball to Steph who switched it to Hayley, back to Alex in the middle to Roni who won another corner. Toni pushed out to Ang who cleanly struck the ball, hit the keeper’s pads and was knocked in by Toni off the rebound.

Olney reverted to quick counter attacks and tested the solid defence of Mandy, Zoe, Corrina and Steph. Olney went at speed drew Jo Keay in goal and slipped the ball into the far corner.

Soon after another excellent run of passes saw Jo Baynes get her second. The team finished the first-half with Toni hitting home her second.

Olney put up a good fight running the ball into space but time and again the ball was turned over by Corrina, Mandy and Steph.

Jo Keay cleared the ball away from the danger zone. Zoe hit out to Roni who skilfully dodged passed a number of players passed to Alex who drove into the D and propelled the ball like a bullet into the goal.

Hayley drove down the right crossed the ball to Angelina, who flicked the ball towards the top corner. An Olney defender illegally raised her stick above the waist to save the shot, which resulted in a Daventry being awarded a penalty flick.

Toni stepped up and aimed for the bottom left corner, the keeper put out a leg to save but caused it to hit the sideboard, giving Toni her hat-trick.

This was an excellent start to the new year and a further three points and seven goals to add to the goal tally.