On target in singles knockout

Week 18

This week saw the Singles Knockout Competition.

The first game was held at The Dun Cow and in the preliminary rounds there were wins for Mick Feasey (180, 140) over Gavin Taylor (100x2), Mark Parker (140, 125, 100x2) over Ritchie Elliot (100), Mick Doney (100) over Troy Miller (100) and Nigel Turland (100) over Nick Coe (140).

In the quarter-finals, Mick Feasey (180, 100x2, 135, 156f) beat Mark Parker (100), Mick Doney (100) beat Nigel Turland (140, 100x2), John Gaul (100x2) overcame Max Murray (140x2, 101) and Ray Jones (123, 121, 100) beat Ray Hobrow.

In the semi-finals, Mick Feasey (159, 123, 100) beat Mick Doney and John Gaul (100x2) beat Ray Jones (140, 100x2). In the final, John Gaul (100x5) overcame Mick Feasey (140x2, 100x2) to book his place at finals night.

The second game was held at Caseys. The first round saw wins for, ‘Bully’ (140x2, 100) over Allan Taylor (140, 100), ‘Swanny’ (140, 100) over Pete Shirley, ‘Wadey’ (140, 111f) over Luke Spence, Rachel Harris (140, 85, 81, 80) over ‘Burtie’ (100), ‘Apple’ (100x4) over Dave Jones (140, 100x4), Roy Osbourne (bye), Dave Harris (129, 100) over ‘Taff’ Hartley (140x2, 121, 118f ) and Adele Heath over Annette Heath.

In the quarter-finals, ‘Swanny’ (140, 100, 115f) beat ‘Bully’ (121, 100x3, 109f), ‘Wadey’ (100, 108f) beat Rachel Harris (120, 100x2, 81, 80x2), Roy Osbourne(100x2) overcame ‘Apple’ (140x2, 127, 100) and Dave Harris (100x2) beat Adele Heath (85, 80).

In the semi-finals, ‘Wadey’ (180, 140, 138, 100) beat ‘Swanny’ (125, 100x2) and Dave Harris beat Roy Osbourne. In the final, ‘Wadey’ (130, 100) beat Dave Harris (140, 125, 100x3) to take the second place at finals night.

Game three was held at The Workers and, in the first round there were wins for Bryan Farmer (100x4) over ‘Juice’, Tommy Kendall (140, 121, 100x4) over ‘S’ (120, 100), Paul Butler (125, 100x2) over Tony Randall (100x2), Tony Leedham (121, 100x2) over Brian Seal, Chris Gay (121) over Ged Berrill (140), Clive Hart (bye), Stuart Marshall (bye) and D. Taylor (bye).

In round two, Tommy Kendall (100x4) beat Bryan Farmer (140, 100x2), Paul Butler (134, 100x2) beat Tony Leedham (100x4), Chris Gay (133, 100) beat Clive Hart (100x3) and D. Taylor (100) beat Stuart Marshall.

In the semi-finals, Tommy Kendall (125, 100) beat Paul Butler (140, 125, 100x2) and Chris Gay (140x2, 100) beat D. Taylor. In the final, Chris Gay (100) beat Tommy Kendall (140, 100) to take the third place at finals night.

The fourth game was held at The St James Club. Richard Denis booked his place at finals night.

Performances of the evening go to Mick Feasey (180) x2, (156f); ‘Wadey’ (180), (111f) (108f); ‘Swanny’ (115f); ‘Bully’ (109f)