On-form Wheatsheaf make their mark

Week 20

League 1

The first game this week saw Casey’s entertain The Wheatsheaf, Braunston.

The away side took both doubles games through Tommy Kendall (140x2, 121) and Dave Jones (140, 100x2) followed by ‘Swanny’ (140) and Gavin Taylor (125).

A win for Dave Jones (140x2, 125, 100, 115f) made it 3-0 only for Chris Gay (140x3, 137, 100) to pull one back for Casey’s.

The Wheatsheaf then took the next two singles games with wins for ‘Swanny’ (154, 140x2) and Tommy Kendall (123, 100x2). Nigel Turland (121, 100x2) took the final game for Casey’s but it was The Wheatsheaf who won by five games to two.

Game two saw Long Buckby FC host St James A. The away side took both doubles games through Richard Denis (100x3) and ‘Bully’ (140, 123, 100) followed by ‘Hemps’ (100x3) and Craig Graham (140, 100x2).

St James then took all five singles games with wins for ‘Burtie’ (140), Richard Denis (121, 100x3), Mick Doney (140, 121, 100x2), Rachel Harris (100, 95, 85, 80) and ‘Hemps’ (110, 105,101, 100) giving St James a seven games to nil success.

The first game in league two saw The Dun Cow A host The Bowls Club.

The home side took both doubles games through Clive Hart (120, 100) and Richie Elliott (125) followed by Steve Berry (121, 100) and Nev Thornicroft (140).

The Dun Cow then took the first four singles games with wins for Richie Elliott, Clive Hart (100x3), Nev Thornicroft (140, 100) and Richard Winn.

A win for Mick Starkey (100) pulled one back for The Bowls Club but it was The Dun Cow who won by six games to one.

Due to circumstances beyond the league’s control, not all result sheets could be collected.

Other results are: The Workers 7, The Dun Cow B 0; St James Minxs 0, St James B 7.

Performances of the evening go to Dave Harris 180, Dave Jones 115f and Iain Bow 114f.