Netball news

THE first match was Blue Fin Fusion 16 against DW Ladies 7. Next on court was Ashmore Tornadoes 43 versus Cummins 14. Although the results show a big win for the Tornadoes, the score after the first quarter was 4-3 to Cummins as Cummins shooter Emma, took them by surprise.

The third match was G&Ts 34 against Moulton Meerkats 6.

The final match was Duston 20, versus Helix 17. This was a match of equals and could have gone either way but Duston had the edge with excellent shooting.

Matches on February 13 began with an early injury to one of the Cummins ladies, resulting in the match being played as a friendly against Grafton Gate Ladies. Grafton took the win with a score of 20 to 9.

Next match was Hornets 25, versus Moulton Meerkats 8. Third on court was Helix 9, Ashmore Phoenix 36. Helix began with precise shooting with only a four-goal deficit after the first quarter. But Ashmore soon took control to take the win.

Last match of the day was Barclaycard 18, Blue Fin Fusion 21. This was an excellent match with both teams using the whole of the court but Fusion just had the advantage to win.

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