Jasmine finishes runner-up

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JASMINE Tebbutt did well in the women’s singles Skittles Summer League and finished runner-up after playing good skittles in the previous games.

Workers played Abthorpe in a league match and there were good performances from Shirley Tebbutt 5-1; Jasmine Tebbutt 5-2; Steve Bushill 5-2; Jen Barson 5-3; Steve Tebbutt 5-3, also Larry Roberts 12 stack and Ian Barson 11 stack.

White Hart at Flore were too strong for Workers beating them 42-26.

There were impressive scores from Kellie Hodgett 14 stack; Dave Hodgett 12 stack; Steve Tebbutt 11 stack and Shirley Tebbutt 10 stack.