Indoor bowling round-up

DAVENTRY ladies entertained Stoke Mandeville for their last home match of the indoor season and had a splendid 126-70 win.

It was six rinks of triples with Daventry winning four and tieing the other two.

Highest winning triple was June Gelder, Lil Greenwood and Jean Nixon 29 M Warwick 11.

The other scores were Carol Kershaw, Joan Bodily, Shirley Shucksmith (captain) 23 Joyce Goodman (captain) 6. Margaret Carty, Julie Smith, Annie Scrimshaw 25 K Giggins 9. Ann Robinson, Sylvia Brewer, Sylvia Plant 16 M Garner 11. Hazel Wallage, Kay Magrath, Jenny Hammond 17 A Fielding 17. Iris Rolfe, Madge Austin, Judy Hicks 16 K Barnett 16.

The men’s team travelled to Wellngborough to play the Northants Police and continued their outstanding run of wins with a 128-73 victory.

This completed the double after Daventry won at home early in the season. The Captain’s rink led by example with the highest winning rink of Ken Garlick, Rick Hayes, John Sach (captain) and Mark Courtney 35 Pete Simmons 8.

Other rink scores were Brian Gelder, John Shanahan, Geoff Smith and Adge Smith 15 Bill Tapp 13.

Brian Scott, Mike Robbins, Brian Jones and Colin Dovey 25 Norman Cooper 13. Peter Ashbrook, Keith Bishop, Peter Mercer and Arthur Stowe 16 Stan Delbridge 12. Peter Rolfe, Norman Scrimshaw, George Clifton and Geoff Allen 23 Mick Lee 9. Brian Robbins, Jim Walvin, Alan Davies and Derek Brewer 14 Brian Hayes 18.

On Saturday a six-rink mixed match was played against Daventry Town outdoor club and Daventry Indoor had another fine win 120-104.

This was the final mixed match of this season and Captain John Sach named his players of the year, Anne Smith and Ken Garlick. Highest winning rink for the indoor team was Barbara Langdon, Reg Kershaw Alan Davies and Brian Gelder 21 Ken Faulkner, Harry Whittaker, Sylvia Plant and Brenda Bishop 12.

The other rink scores were Audrey Budd, John O’Connor, Jenny Hammond and Adge Smith 22 David Knee, David Cooke, Jim Walvin and Arthur Stowe 20. June Gelder, Anne Smith, John Sach and Sue Pernyes 14 Peter Ashbrook, Debs Sach, Alan Gardner and Rien Sach 25.

Carol Kershaw, Ray Dawson, Jim Milburn and Judy Hicks 22 John Shanahan, Sheila Beasley, Keith Bishop and Michael Moulton 17. Max Harper, Julie Smith, Madge Austin and Peter Mercer 22 Vicky Rushall, Gerald Beasley, Colin Dovey and Stan Alton 15.

Alf Macari, Margaret Carty, Jennie Mercer, and Norman Langdon 19 Mike Robins, John Bradley, Barry Bailey and Bob Worth 15.