Double relegation

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DAVENTRY Town Bowls Club suffered a double blow this week after both the A and B sides were relegated in the Northamptonshire Area Triples Bowls League.

Now with both teams playing in a lower division, things look more hopeful for next season.

Daventry Town 0.5 (52) West Haddon 5.5 (67)

Daventry Town A’s bad run continued with their fourth defeat on the trot.

After a fine start to the season and thinking about promotion to Division One, they now find themselves relegated to Division Three.

The league has been very tight this season with Daventry Town A falling in to the bottom two on shot difference.

Rink one. Peter Ashbrook, John Hodgkinson, Alan Gardner (10-21); Rink two. Michael Robins, Ken Marshall, David Bellis (16-18);

Rink three. John Bradley, Arthur Stowe, Bernard Spreadbury (14-14); Rink four. Rick Hayes, Bob Worth, Duggie Mitchell (12-14).

Cogenhoe 1.5 (55) Daventry Town B 4.5 (87)

Daventry Town B, who had a slow start to the season, have started to turn things around in the last few weeks.

They have won three out of their last four matches and although relegated to Division Four look promising for next season.

Rink two. Brian Chaplin, Jim Walvin, Stan Alton (33-8); Rink three. John Shanahan, John Worthington, Darrell Welch (18-10); Rink four. John Sach, David Cooke, Rien Sach. (16-17);

Rink five. Keith Bishop, Eric Wareing, Bill Welch (20-20).