Daventry Dolphins swimming round-up

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NOVEMBER 2012 has been an exceedingly busy month for the Dolphins with team galas, championships events, open meets and important club committee meetings and the annual meeting.

On Saturday, November 10, the team travelled to Melton Mowbray for round two of the Leicester and District Autumn League.

Result: 1st Leicester Sharks C 209 /2nd DAVENTRY DOLPHINS 160 / 3rd Burton 144 /4th Melton Mowbray 108 / 5th Leicester Neptunes 71

There were 12 personal best times, 18 events were swum faster than in round one. The open age group girls won all four individual and relay events.

There were 15 x 1st places:

14/u girls’ medley and free team: Anya Bennett / Emily Smith-Williams / Ellie Davies and Rachel Sullivan

Ladies’ Open medley and free team: Emma Bond / Sophie Iacovides / Kimberley Mann / Rachel Sullivan

Anya Bennett 14/u 100m breast

Emma Bond open 100m free

Emily Smith-Williams 14/u 50m fly

Rachel Sullivan 14/u and open 100m back

Crawford Wright 10/u 25m fly

Emily Sharp 12/u 50m back

Kimberley Mann open 100m breast

Chris D’Agostino 12/u 50m breast

Sophie Iacovides open 100m fly

Men’s Open medley relay team: Johnathan Was / William Adhemar / Jack Bond / Harry Ballmann

There were 13 second places

Girls’ 12/u free and medley realy team: Grace Webber / Grace Cadd / Emily Smith-Williams and Megan Browne

Men’s open free relay; as medley

Hannah Webber 10/u 25m back

Chris D’Agostino 14/u 100m breast

Lucie Ward 10/u 25m breast

Becky MacCaig 10/u 25m fly

Ellie Davies 14/u 100m free

Johnathan Was open 100m breast

Grace Cadd 12yrs 50m breast

Girls’ 10yrs medley relay team: Hannah Webber / Becky MacCAig / Lucie Ward / Elen Wylie

Boys’ 14/u medley relay team: John Quy / Fraizer Cochrane / Josh Wilson / Chris D’Agostino

Mixed 8 x 1 free cannon relay:

There were 10 x third places

Girls’ 10yrs free team: as medley

Boys’ 12yrs free and medley team: Chris D’Agostino / Thomas Stevens /Matthew Jordan / Bradley Bennett

Megan Browne 12/u 25m fly

Crawford Wright 10/u 25m breast

Grace Webber 12/u 50m free

Thomas Stevens 12/u 50m free

Harry Ballmann open 100m back

Fraizer Cochrane 14yrs 100m free

Josh Wilson 14/u 100m back

This excellent result against the merged Sharks team (Enderby and Lutterworth and District) was a fantastic result and meant that the DDSC are currently in seventh position in the league.

The next round which will feature the top eight clubs will be on Saturday (December 8) at the Braunstone Leisure Centre, Leicester, when the team will hopefully be pushing for a top six finish.