Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club results

Results from the Flitwick Dolphins Swimming Club open meet.

100m freestyle

1st Sophie Iacovides 14yrs: 1st Joseph Iacovides 11yrs: 1st Jack Bond 13yrs: 2nd Emma Bond 13yrs: Anya Bennett 8th: Ellie Davies 10th: Emily Sharp 13th

200m back

2nd Rachel Sullivan 13yrs; 2nd Jack Bond 13yrs: 5th Emily Sharp 11yrs

100m individual medley

1st Sophie Iacovides: Joseph Iacovides: 2nd Jack Bond; Emma Bond 2nd; 4th Anya Bennett: 5th Kimberley Mann 13yrs: 5th Laura Collins 16+: 5th Keely Saville 9yrs: 10th Charlotte Mann 13yrs: 12th Annabel Murphy 10yrs: 15th Ellie Davies 12yrs:

50m breast

1st Joseph Iacovides: 1st Sophie Iacovides: 2nd Keely Saville: 2nd Kimberley Mann: 2nd Laura Collins: 8th Ellie Davies: 9th Annabel Murphy: 11th Serena Foster 11yrs.

400m freestyle

1st Emma Bond: 1st Joseph Iacovides: 3rd Jack Bond: 3rd Rachel Sullivan: 7th Annabel Murphy: 7th Emily Sharp: 7th Ellie Davies

100m butterfly

1st Sophie Iacovides: 1st Joseph Iacovides: 7th Serena Foster

200m breast

1st Anya Bennett NEW 11-12YRS CLUB RECORD: 1ST Laura Collins: 2nd Kimberley Mann: 3rd Caitlin Hanna: 6th Keely Saville

50m back

1st Sophie Iacovides: 1st Joseph Iacovides: 2nd Jack Bond: 3rd Keely Saville: 4th Serena Foster: 6th Kimberley Mann: 10th Ellie Davies: 10th Caitlin Hanna: 11th Annabel Murphy

400m individual medley

2nd Rachel Sullivan: 3rd Emily Smith-Williams: 6th Emily Sharp

100m breast

1st Joseph Iacovides: 1st Sophie Iacovides: 1st Anya Bennett: 2nd Emily Smith-Williams: 2nd Kimberley Mann: 2nd Laura Collins; 7th Charlotte Mann: 9th Ellie Davies

200m freestyle

1st Jack Bond: 1st Emma Bond 7th Rachel Coates: 8th Anya Bennett: 9th Aleicia Smith: 11th Emily Smith-Williams; 12th Emily Sharp: 12th Ellie Davies: 15th Serena Foster

50m butterfly

1st Sophie Iacovides: 1st Joseph Iacovides: 2nd Laura Collins: 3rd Emma Bond: 4th Rachel Coates: 6th Emily Smith-Williams: 7th Aleicia Smith: 7th Kimberley Mann: 8th Charlotte Mann: 11th Serena Foster

400m freestyle

2nd Jack Bond

200m Individual medley

1st Sophie Iacovides: 3rd Emma Bond: 6th Kimberley Mann: 9th Emily Sharp: 13th Serena Foster

100m back

1st Joseph Iacovides: 1st /Sophie Iacovides: 1st Rachel Sullivan: 2nd Jack Bond: 5th Rachel Coates: 6th Anya Bennett: 8th Aleicia Smith: 8th Kimberley Mann

50m freestyle

1st Jack Bond: 1st Joseph Iacovides:1st Sophie Iacovides: 2nd Emma Bond: 6th Rachel Coates: 6th Charlotte Mann:7th Ellie Davies: 12th Aleicia smith: 14th Serena Foster.

Second Corby Halloween Gala.

Daventry Dolphins results.

1st places:

Chris D’Agostino U11 breaststroke. Joseph Iacovides U13 fly and free. Carey Davis U15 back and open back. Sophie Iacovides open free and fly. Kimberley Mann U15 breaststroke. Anya Bennett U13 breaststroke. Emma Bond U15 free. Emily Sharp U11 backstroke. Alex Gibbons U13 free. Girls U11 medley and free relays - Emily Sharp, Rachel Coates, Serena Foster and Megan Browne. Girls U15 medley team - Carey Davis, Kimberley Mann, Sophie Iacovides and Emma Bond.

The team also won both fun relays. The first 8x50m involved carrying a plastic pumpkin and the second an inflated coffin in which they had to assemble a fake skeleton. The Daventry squads were made up of Emily Sharp, Austin Evans, Emily Smith-Williams, Joseph Iacovides, Emma Bond, Jack Bond, Sophie Iacovides, Serena Foster, Alex Gibbons, Josh Wilson, Carey Davis and Johnathan Was.

2nd places:

Girls U13 medley relay - Rachel Sullivan, Anya Bennett, Emily Smith-Williams and Alex Gibbons.

U15 girls free relay – as medley.

Mixed open medley relay - Carey Davis, Johnathan Was, Sophie Iacovides and Jack Bond.

Rachel Sullivan U13 backstroke. Josh Wilson U13 breaststroke. Sophie Iacovides open breaststroke.

3rd places:

Emily Smith-Williams U13 fly. Jack Bond U15 backstroke, U15 free and open backstroke. Chris D’Agostino U11 free. Josh Wilson U13 backstroke. Serena Foster U11 fly. Emma Bond U15 fly. Joseph Iacovides U15. Johnathan Was open breaststroke.

U15 medley and freestyle teams - Joseph Coleman, Joseph Iacovides, Josh Wilson and Jack Bond.

Mixed open free relay team: as medley.

For further information about the Daventry Dolphins visit the website: www.daventrydolphins.co.uk or telephone Mrs Lesley Sharp, Secretary 01327 876873