DAVENTRY DARTS LEAGUE: Wheatsheaf too strong for Pike & Eel

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Wheatsheaf Weedon visited Pike and Eel in the Daventry Darts Summer League, and the away side dominated.

They took both pairs games thanks to wins for Lee Arnold (100 x 4) and Gary Birch (140) 2-1 over Johnny Allaway and Wayne Jalland followed by Nigel Turland and Dave Summerfield (121, 100) 2-1 over Malcolm Roberts and Jake Holdem.

Away singles wins followed for Lee Arnold (140, 120) 3-0 over Wayne Jalland, Gary Birch (140, 121, 100) 3-0 over Jake Holdem (100), Nigel Turland (180) 2-1 over Johnny Allaway (140, 100, 120s) and Dave Summerfield (125, 100, 120s) 2-1 over Malcolm Roberts (100 x 2).

The away side didn’t have a fifth player so Ellie Jones (87, 85) was awarded a 3-0 win, making the final score a 
12-5 win for Wheatsheaf Weedon.

Leaders Slim Jims entertained Daventry Workers and it was the home side that took both pairs games thanks to wins for Paul Butler (119, 100) and Sam Harris (140, 97) 2-0 over Willie Taylor and James Taylor then Rich Denis (140, 100) and Anthony Mason (100 x 2) 2-0 over Tony Leedham (135) and Rich Ludlow (140, 100).

They also took the opening singles game with a 2-1 win for Sam Harris (140, 116, 100 x 2) over Tony Leedham (140, 120s, 101s) before the away side stormed back with wins for James Taylor (100 x 4 , 112s) 2-1 over Shaun Hicken (140, 121, 100) and Rich Ludlow (140, 121, 100 x 3) 3-0 over Troy Miller to go in front.

Anthony Mason (125, 100 x 2) steadied things for the home side with a 2-1 win over Willie Taylor to make it 7-all and set up a final game shootout, where it was Rich Denis (140, 100 x 3, 120s) who took a 3-0 win over Gav Taylor (140, 108) to give Slim Jims a 10-7 win.

Long Buckby FC made the trip to Foresters Arms at Nether Heyford and it was the away side that dominated. They took both pairs games thanks to wins for Mick Feasey (100 x 2) and Paul Scott 2-1 over Geoff Thorneycroft and Dale Collins (100 x 2) followed by Iain Bow (180, 100) and Ray Feasey (100) 2-1 over Mike Edwards (108s) and D Winton.

Away singles wins followed for Paul Scott (140) 3-0 over Dale Collins (100 x 2), Ray Feasey 3-0 over Geoff Thorneycroft, Mick Feasey (140, 100 x 5, 100s) 3-0 over Steven Williams and Iain Bow (140, 100 x 3) 3-0 over Graham Collins. The whitewash was avoided by the home side when Mike Edwards (100 x 3, 108s) beat Pete Shirley (100) 3-0 to make the final score a 14-3 win for Long Buckby.

Performances of the week came from Nigel Turland (180), Johnny Allaway (120 start), Dave Summerfield (120 start), Tony Leedham (120 and 101 starts), Rich Denis (120 start), James Taylor (112 start), Iain Bow (180) and Mike Edwards (108 start x 2).

With only two weeks left in the summer league, any new teams wishing to join in the winter should contact the league via the Daventry Darts website. The catchment area has been extended so any pub or club within approximately a 10 mile radius of Daventry will be considered.