DAVENTRY DARTS LEAGUE: Quick start gives Buckby the edge

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Long Buckby FC were 4-3 winners over Wheatsheaf Weedon in the Daventry Darts League.

The game started with the Feasey pairing of Mick (140 x2) and Ray for the home side (100, 106f) seeing off Phil Smith and Lee Arnold (100) 2-0. Ian Bow (100 x 5) and Paul Scott (100 x 2) then took on Bryan Farmer (100 x 4, 121) and Roy Osbourne (140, 100) extending the home side advantage to two legs as they too won 2-0.

Into the singles games and Ian (100 x 3, 140) kept his doubles form going as he again defeated Roy (100) 2-0. Tom Babbings (100 x 2) was next up on the oche for they away side but his fate along with his teams was sealed as he went down 2-0 to Mick Feasey (100 x 2, 140).

The away side did rally after this with Phil Smith producing a 180 along with a 160 and 100 on his way to defeating Ray Feasey (125, 100, 100f) by 2-0.

Bryan Farmer (100) joined in on this mini revival as he saw off Paul Scott (100) 2-0. Pete Shirley had his scoring boots on (100 x 3, 140, 120) but as we all know, apart from Pete, scoring is for show and doubles are for dough and as a result he lost out to Lee Arnold (121) by two legs to one.

It was all one way traffic for the Con Club A as they took every leg in their win at the Foresters Arms.

The games being: Bob Stowe & Gloria v Simon Adkins (100, 140) & Ray Hobrow. Dominic Harvey & Dominic Cawley v Robin Peasland & Ivan Lester (100 x 2). Ian Chapman v Ivan Lester (100). Alex Harvey (101) v Stuart Coe (132). Mike Edwards v Robin Peasland (100). Bob Stowe v Ray Hobrow (100 x 2) and finally Gary Payne v Simon Adkins (100).

Things went the same way in the third match of the evening as the Workers visited Daventry Town FC.

The home side strolled through the first doubles game as Breckon Hill (140) and Bully (100) beat the first of two Taylor pairings Allan (100) and Willie by two legs to nil. Connor and James (125) were next up for the away side losing out 2-1 to Dennis Job (100) & Nigel Foster (100 x 3). Gavin Taylor (140, 100) fared no better in the first of the singles games going down 2-0 to John Foster (120, 109, 121, 100).

Dave Keating (136, 140, 121) gave a little hope for the away side stopping the rot against Breckon Hill (121) as he came out the 2-1 winner. Unfortunately it was not to be enough to encourage Willie Taylor to continue the fight back he was beaten by the Bully (121, 140, 125) 2-0.

Darren Haynes (100 x 2) and Allan Taylor (100) both then went down in their games by the same score to Nigel Foster (135, 140) and Dennis Job (121, 100, 101) respectively. The final score was 6-1 to Daventry.