DAVENTRY DARTS LEAGUE: Daventry Town too strong for Con Club

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The first match in the Daventry Darts League Divisional Cup games saw Daventry Town FC hosting the Con Club B.

This was to prove to be a very one sided affair with Daventry Town running out 6-1 winners.

It started with Darran (100) and John Foster (100) taking out Rose Binder and Mick Mynard (140,135) to win 2-0. The second doubles game followed the same pattern as Nigel Foster (100) and Paul Bull beat Bruce Andrews (126) and Donna Taylor (85) 2-0.

This was to prove to be the way of things with the next four singles games all going to the home side by a 2-0 score.

Darran Foster (100 x 3, 140) beat Steve Binder, Bull (100) beat Donna Taylor (98,85,81), Nigel Foster (100) beat Packy Andrews and Bryan Farmer (100, 140) beat Bruce Andrews. The last game of the night saw Mick Mynard (100) step up for the away side to prevent the whitewash as he beat Denis Job 2-1.

Con Club A travelled to Nether Heyford to take on Foresters Arms. This match was a far closer encounter, as the Con Club A took the first of the doubles games through Ivan Lester (100) and Ray Hobrow 2-0 against Connor Murphy (100,125) and Gloria Smart. The second doubles game saw Andrew Green (140, 100) and Simon Adkins (125) beat Dominic Cawley and Ian Chapman (112, 120) 2-1 to put Con Club 2-0 up.

In the singles, Ivan Lester kept the winning formula going for the away side as he ran out a 2-0 winner against Connor Murphy.

The home side now woke up and Dominic Cawley beat Stuart Coe Snr (140) 2-1. Ian Chapman (140, 100 x 2, 121) then saw off Robin Peasland 2-1

Bob Stowe was next up for the home side but lost out 2-0 to Ray Hobrow (100) to settle the match at 4-2.

The last game of the night came a little too late for the home side but Gary Payne (123, 125, 100) played well to beat Simon Adkins 2-1.

Casey’s entertained Long Buckby FC and ran out 7-0 winners.

Luke Spence (123) and Nigel Turland got the ball rolling with a 2-0 win over Mick Feasey (129, 140, 100) and Ged Berril (133), and Dave Jones (100, 114, 121) and Gary Birch (125,100) then beat Paul Scott (140, 100) and Ian Bow (140)2-1.

The first singles game saw Nigel (125, 100) and Paul (140,100 x 2) return to the oche after their doubles games and it was Turland who won 2-1.

Dave Summerfield (100 x 3 124) then beat Ian Bow (140, 100 x 3) 2-1, before Ray Jones (137, 125) defeated Pete Shirley once 2-1. Brocky (100) was up next for the home side and he too was not put off by the scoring power of Mick Feasey (100 x 3, 121) as he won this game yet again 2-1. The last game saw Dave Jones (100 x 2) meeting the younger Feasey in Ray and Dave was to complete a misleading whitewash with another 2 – 1 win.

The last game of the night saw the Workers host Slim Jims at the Daventry Conservative Club. The evening started with an uneasy edge between the two sides as opinions were exchanged.

This made for a good night of darts with as much banter being thrown around as there was darts being chucked.

The home side were clearly up for this match and demonstrated this by taking the first doubles game through Darren Haines (100) and Dave Keating hitting a 180 (125,100,180) beating Dave Harris and Troy Miller 2-0.

The Taylors Gavin (100) and James (100 x 2) came in next and continued this good start by beating Shaun Hicken and Anthony Mason by the same result 2-0. Moving into the first of the singles games, the away side had to wake up and Dave Harris (100 x 4, 135, 121) did this as he saw off Willie Taylor (100, 100f) 2-1.

Dave Keating (100 x 3, 140) then lost 2-1 against Troy Miller (100 x 2).

The third game had Connor Taylor (100) taking on Shaun Hicken (100 x 2) again the way side came out winning 2-1.

The fourth game saw Anthony Mason (100, 120, 140) beat Allan Taylor (100, 123) 2-1 to win the match for Slim Jims.

The last game went to The Workers with Darren Haines (100) beating Stuart Marshall 2-0.