DAVENTRY DARTS LEAGUE: Con Club fightback sees off Buckby

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Con Club A recovered from falling 2-0 and 3-1 behind to record a 4-3 victory at Long Buckby FC in the Daventry Winter Darts League.

Buckby struck first with Paul Scott and Ian Bow (100 x 2) sweeping aside Ray Hobrow and Ivan Lester (100) 2 - 0.

The broom was then taken up again by the Feaseys, Mick (100 x 2 140 x 2) and Ray ,as they swept away Stu Coe Snr and Hemps (100 x 3) 2-0.

Con Club hit back as Hemps (100 x 3) beat Pete Shirley 2-0.

Mick Feasey (100 x 2, 140 x 2, 123) restored Buckby’s advantage at 3-1 as he beat Andrew Green (121, 100) 2-0.

But then the momentum changed.

Con Club got back into it and Stu Coe Snr (100) beat Ray Feasey (140, 100) 2-0 and Ray Hobrow (100 x 2) saw off Paul Scott (100) 2-1.

That made it 3-3, and Ivan Lester (100 x 3, 140) sealed the win for the visitors as he beat Ian Bow (140 x 3, 125) 2-1.

Con Club B were supposed to be at home to the Wheatsheaf Weedon, but there was confusion as to who was playing at home, and as a result this game failed to take place.

The chairman of the league was informed, and it was agreed the confusion was partly down to the league due to the failure of not updating the fixture list on the official web site. Apologies were exchanged and both teams were reimbursed for the refreshments both teams laid on.

It was agreed that this game will be played at a later date.

The Foresters Arms did entertain The Daventry Workers, but probably wished they hadn’t as they were beaten 5-2.

Foresters started well and won the doubles with Alex Harvey and Gary Payne (100 x 3) winning 2-0 against the Taylors Gavin and Connor.

This only served to inspire Willie (100) and Allan for the away side to steer themselves to a similar 2-0 win. Going in to the singles games it was to be the opposite start as to the doubles games with Allan Taylor beating Ian Chapman 2-0.

Alex Harvey then saw off Gavin Taylor 2-1 to keep the home side in the hunt, but Darren Haynes (100) then beat Gary Payne (100 x 2, 120) 2-0.

Dave Keating (100 x 3) made more headway for the Workers as he navigated the team to victory beating Bob Stow (114) 2-0 and Willie Taylor beat Gloria 2-0 to make the final score 5-2.

In the final match, Casey’s travelled to Daventry Town FC and returned with a 5-2 win.

The first game of the night had the Jones brothers Dave (100 x 2), Ray (100,140) belting out a tune or two as they defeated Denis Job (140) and John Foster (103) 2-0.

The second game had Dave Summerfield (100,123) with Chris Gay (100 x 3) crooning as they saw off Brian Farmer (100 x 2) and Darran Foster (120, 100 x 2) of the home side 2-1.

In the first of the singles games still humming a tune, Ray came back to the oche hitting a chorus of tons (100 x 2,140,128, 123) to beat Denis Job (100 x 2), brother Dave (121) got distracted by this in the next game with Brian Farmer adding a melody of his own to strike back 2-0.

With this melody still ringing in his ears Bully (100 x 2) had to endure the Christmas Carols from Nigel Turland (100) which as a result culminated in his defeat by 2-0.

Swept up in the emotion of things Summerfield came up with an oratorio his own as entire he won his game 2-0 against Brecon Hill.

Darran Foster (123, 135) was not going to let his team go down quietly as he came out with a lament of his own whilst beating Gary Birch 2-0.