Daventry Darts League

This week saw the first round games in the Charity Cup.

The first game saw Wheatsheaf Weedon A at home to Wheatsheaf Braunston. The home side took the triples game through Bryan Farmer (100 x 4), Roy Osbourne (100) and Debbie Farrant (125 x 2, 100) over Gordy Aldridge, Adrian Lewis 140 x 2, 125, 100) and Glen Thompson and followed this up with a win in the pairs for Paul Bull and Mick Doney (140) over Tommy Kendall (140) and Gavin Taylor. Home singles wins came for Roy Osbourne (140, 121, 100) over Paul Hankinson and Max Murray (122, 100) over Adie Maybury before Braunston gained consolation with wins for Gavin Taylor (125, 100 x 2) over Mark Parker (123, 100 x 2), Tommy Kendall (121, 100, 117f) over Bryan Farmer (120) and an unknown player (133 x 2, 100) over Debbie Farrant (120 x 2, 100). This made the final score 4-3 in favour of Wheatsheaf Weedon A.

In game 2, Daventry Workers A visited Dun Cow. This game was totally dominated by the Division 1 side with a triples win for Dave Hewitt (100), John Hartley (125, 120, 100) and Ray Jones (140, 109) over Clive Hart (100 x 3), Keith Chapman and Rich Elliot followed by a pairs win for Gary Wade and Andy Winters (140) over Rich Winn and Nev Thornicroft (100). The away side then completed the rout with singles wins for Gary Wade (100 x 2) over Keith Chapman, Andy Winters (140, 100 x 3) over Steve Berry, Ray Jones (100) over Rich Elliot (135), Dave Hewitt (120)over Clive Hart (139, 100 x 3) and John Hartley (120) over Nev Thornicroft (100). This gave Daventry Workers A an overall 7-0 victory.

Game 3 saw Bowls Club at home to Con Club A. This was another game totally dominated by the away side as a triples win for Brian Seal, Nick Coe and Stuart Coe Snr over M. Starkey, Sheila Chivers and Frank Minter (112) was followed by a pairs win for Simon Adkins and Stuart Coe Snr over Geoff Smith (140) and Teresa Minter. Singles wins then came from Ivan Lester (140, 100) over Sheila Chivers (94, 92), Simon Adkins (100) over Geoff Smith (101), Stuart Coe Snr over B. Robbins, Ray Hobrow (180) over G. Brown and finally Nick Coe (100) over D. Brewer. This gave Con Club A an overall 7-0 win

In game 4 it was Wheatsheaf Weedon B who travelled to Con Club B. The home side took the triples game thanks to a win for Steve Binder (126), Packy Andrews and Roe Binder over Thomas Babbings (100), Vince Valentine and Hayley Parker. The away side hit back in the pairs when Paul Marsh (100) and Nigel Jones beat Paul Hale (121) and Richard Lovesey. The home side took the opening singles game when Bruce Andrews beat Vince Valentine (100) but Wheatsheaf drew level again when Dave Bangs beat Paul Hale. Home singles wins came for Donna Taylor (100 x 2) over Hayley Parker (100) and Alan Thornicroft over Thomas Babbings. This sealed an overall win for Con Club B so the final match wasn’t played.

The final game this week saw The Peppermill play hosts to Caseys and it was the away side that got off to the better start winning the triples thanks to Ricky Cole (140), Luke Spence (140, 125) and Steve Cale (113f) who beat Colin Summerfield (140), Alex Miller (125, 100) and Paul Butler (140, 137, 121). They then took the pairs through Gary Birch (100) and Nigel Turland over Charlie Astill (156) and Lee Astill (100). Nigel Turland (100 x 3) then took the opening singles against Troy Miller before the home side pulled one back when Paul Butler (140, 125, 100 x 2, 107f) beat Luke Spence (100 x 2). Further away wins came for Ricky Cole (140 x 2) over Alex Miller (132, 100), Chris Gay (123, 100 x 2) over Stuart Marshall and Gary Birch (140, 100 x 2) over Colin Summerfield to give Caseys a 6-1 win overall.

Performances of the week came from Ray Hobrow (180), Tommy Kendall (117 finish), Steve Cale (113 finish) and Paul Butler (107 finish).