DARTS: Town cruise to win over Foresters Arms

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Daventry Town FC enjoyed a 6-1 win over Foresters Arms in the Daventry Darts League.

Daventry were at home and took the first of the doubles games 2-0 through Denis Job (140) and Bully.

This was cancelled out as Alex Harvey (104) and Gary Payne fought off John Foster and Breckon Hill to win 2-1.

Nigel Foster (100 x 4) then stepped up for the home side in the first of the singles games to once again take the lead with his 2-0 win over Dominic Cawley.

This was to be the pattern for the remainder of the match as the home side went on to win all the remaining games by the very same two nil score line. Those games being John Foster (140) v Ian Chapman (100, 111), Bully (100, 140) v Gary Payne (100 x 2), Dennis Job v Gloria (103) and finally Darren Foster (100, 103) v Alex Harvey.

Wheatsheaf Weedon visted Casey’s in Daventry.

Ray Jones (123, 140) and Nigel Turland (140, 120) kicked this one off with seeing off Tom Babbings and Bryan Farmer by 2-0.

Next up was Dave Jones (100 x 4, 140) and Dave Summerfield (140 x 2, 100) and they handed out a scoring thumping to Julian Wickham (100) and Roy Osbourne (100), but only taking the game 2-1.

Dave Summerfield was straight back to the oche in the first of the singles games and continued on with his scoring game (100 x 3, 140, 135) as he defeated Brian Farmer (140, 104f) 2 -1. Julian (100 x 2) was to make amends in his match as he put away Ray Jones (100) by 2-0.

Nigel Turland was to settle the match for the home side as he continued his winning night by once again defeating Tom Babbings their singles game 2 – 0. Gary Birch (100) could not keep the winning ways going though as he lost out to Roy Osbourne (100) 2-0. Dave Jones returned to the board in the last of the singles games and he too kept his scoring boots on (100 x 3, 140) as he saw off Bob Jones 2-0.

The Con Club A hosted Slim Jims and the match started well for the home side as they took both of the opening doubles games 2-0, those games being Burtie (100) and Hemps (140 x 2) defeating Paul Butler (140) and Anthony Mason (100 x 2), then Steve Cale and Ivan Lester (100) dealing with Troy Miller (100) and Shaun Hicken (140). The singles games didn’t start any better for the away side as Burtie (134, 140, 130) was at the board again as he took his game 2-0 against Sam Harris (81, 85). Paul Butler showed a bit of resistance for Slims as he came away from his game with a 2-0 victory against Simon Adkins.

Unfortunately the away side could not get any momentum off of this win as Dave Harris (100, 140 x 2) then lost his game to Ivan Lester by 2-0.

Ray Hobrow (135, 100 x 2) continued to pile on the pain for the away side as he defeated Rachel Harris (100 x 2) “legs score not recorded”.

Anthony Mason (100 x 3 104) was last up for the away side and at least let them finish the night with a game win as he saw off Hemps (100 x 5) by 2-0. The final score was 5-2.

The last match of the night was to see a 180 for JP in the second of the doubles games as the Workers hosted Con Club B.

The first doubles game was to see James Taylor and Darren Haines (100) beat Packy Andrews and Brad Burns 2-0.

In the second of the doubles games JP’s 180 and 100 were not enough to stop himself and Donna Taylor losing out to Dave Keating (100 x 2) and Allan Taylor (100 x 2, 121) 2-1.

Going into the singles and Dave Keating (125, 100) took the game from Mick Maynard 2-1.

Gavin Taylor could not complete the match for the Workers as he lost out to Brad Burns (100, 127, 130) 2-0. The honour of winning the match went to Allan Taylor (140) as he defeated Bruce Andrews 2-0. James Taylor (100 x 2) and Darren Haines (100 x 2) then closed out the night as they both won 2-1 against JP (140) and Donna Taylor (95, 81, 100) respectively to seal a good night for the workers wo win 6-1.