DARTS: On-song Slim Jims cruise to clean sweep

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The first match of the night in th Daventry Darts League was between the two football clubs of Daventry Town and Long Buckby.

Unfortunately at the time of writing, no result sheet had been handed in so we are unable to provide you with a result or a report.

The second match of the evening had the Foresters Arms welcoming Slim Jims.

The first game saw Shaun Hicken (105) and Anthony Mason (100 x 2) put Dominic Cawley and Ian Chapman to the sword 2-0.

The second match was to continue in the same fashion as the father and daughter combination of Rachel (101) and Dave Harris (100 x 2) were teamed up once again taking their game also by 2-0 against Bob Stowe and Geoff Thorneycroft.

And this was to set the pattern for the rest of the singles games as Slims went on to win all the remaining games by the very same score with the games being, Alex Harvey (100 x 2) v Rachel (85, 100 x 3, 95f), Dominic Cawley v Sam Harris (100), Mike Chapman v Paul Butler (100 x 2), Mike Edwards v Dave Harris and finally Gloria (84) v Anthony Mason (100 x 4). The final score was 7-0.

The third match of the night saw the Workers visiting the Wheatsheaf Weedon.

The first game of the night had the opposite of the previous match with the father and son pairing of Allan (101) and Connor Taylor taking on Roy Osbourne (136, 100) and Julian Wickham (140, 121) unfortunately they were to suffer a different fate as the home side took the game 2-0.

The Taylor pairings continued this time with Willie (120) and Gavin (100) taking to the oche but the result was also to be the same as they went down to Phil Smith (100, 140) and Bryan Farmer.

Roy Osbourne (100 x 2, 140) was first up for the home side in the singles and he was to play the last of the Taylors James (100) and yet again the same pain was inflicted as James lost out also by two legs to nil.

The home side sealed the night through Bryan Farmer (100) as he was to defeat Gavin (100) by the now common result of 2-0.

Julian Wickham (140) did not wish to be left out on this scoring run as he too won his game 2-0 against Darren Haines (100).

The away side decided to go down fighting and demonstrated this by taking the last two games also by two legs to nil through Dave Keating (121, 140 x 2) defeating Lee Arnold (140), and Richard Ludlow (109, 135 taking out Phil Smith (100, 105). Final Score 5 – 2.

The final match of the night was an all Con Club affair with the A team being the home side.

The doubles games finished off all square as Simon Adkins and Stu Coe Snr (100, 135) of the home side saw off Mick Mynard and Packy Andrews of the B side 2-0.

But the B team returned the favour as Brad Burns (100, 140) and JP brushed aside a 180 from Ray Hobrow partnering Ivan Lester to win by 2-1. The A team were not about to take this lying down as Ray (100) came back to the board in the first of the singles games to see off the very same doubles opponent Brad Burns (137) with a 2 – 1 win. Ivan Lester followed this up as he too played JP again but winning this time 2-0.

Steve Cale (100, 140) was the one to win it for the A team as he came out of a competitive game with Mick Mynard (100 x 2, 140) the two one winner.

Stu Coe Snr (125) and Simon Adkins (100) then followed up for the A team as they both came away 2-0 winners against Bruce Andrews (112) and Steve Binder (107) respectfully. The final score was 6 – 1.