Darts news

THERE were mixed fortunes for town players in the Daventry Darts League.

The first game, Wheatsheaf Weedon A at home to Wheatsheaf Braunston, saw the home side take the triples game through Bryan Farmer (100 x 4), Roy Osbourne (100) and Debbie Farrant (125 x 2, 100) over Gordy Aldridge, Adrian Lewis 140 x 2, 125, 100) and Glen Thompson.

They followed this up with a win in the pairs for Paul Bull and Mick Doney (140) over Tommy Kendall (140) and Gavin Taylor.

Home singles wins came for Roy Osbourne (140, 121, 100) over Paul Hankinson and Max Murray (122, 100) over Adie Maybury.

Braunston gained consolation with other wins which included Gavin Taylor (125, 100 x 2) over Mark Parker (123, 100 x 2) and Tommy Kendall (121, 100, 117f) over Bryan Farmer (120). These wins made the final score 4-3 in favour of Wheatsheaf Weedon A.

In game two, Daventry Workers A visited Dun Cow in a game dominated by the Division One side. There were triples wins for Dave Hewitt (100), John Hartley (125, 120, 100) and Ray Jones (140, 109) over Clive Hart (100 x 3), Keith Chapman and Rich Elliot.

There was also a pairs win for Gary Wade and Andy Winters (140) over Rich Winn and Nev Thornicroft (100). The away side completed the rout with singles wins for Gary Wade (100 x 2) over Keith Chapman, Andy Winters (140, 100 x 3) over Steve Berry, Ray Jones (100) over Rich Elliot (135), Dave Hewitt (120) over Clive Hart (139, 100 x 3) and John Hartley (120) over Nev Thornicroft (100). This gave Daventry Workers A an overall 7-0 victory.

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