Darts champions crowned

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THIS week saw the penultimate round of matches in the Summer Darts League.

In game one, DWMC A visited Con Club looking for a result that would clinch the title.

They started in style when David Brockwell (140, 100) and CJ (100) took the pairs game 3-0 over Ivan Lester and Ray Hobrow (100).

They then dominated the singles with wins for David Brockwell (140, 137, 100) 2-1 over Robin Peasland (180), Dave Jones (140 x 2, 100 x 2) 3-0 over Nick Coe, Wadey (140, 135, 100 x 2) 3-0 over Ivan Lester and Ray Jones (125, 100, 158s) 3-0 over Simon Adkins.

The home side gained a consolation win in the final game when Ray Hobrow (100) beat CJ 2-1.

But it was an overall 15-3 win for DWMC A that sees them crowned champions.

Game two saw Wheatsheaf Weedon A play hosts to Slim Jims and this proved a thriller.

The away side took the pairs game when Rachel Harris (100, 83) and Rich Denis (140, 100 x 2, 103s) beat Ozzy (140) and Max Murray (100, 101s x 2) 2-1.

The home side hit back with singles wins for Mick Doney (140, 100) 2-1 over Sam Harris (140, 100, 96, 85, 81, 80), Ozzy (140 x 2, 100 x 4) 2-1 over Rachel Harris (121, 100 x 2, 85, 81) and Bully (100 x 6) 2-1 over Dave Harris (100 x 3).

The away side took the last two games when Rich Denis (100 x 5, 100s) beat Max Murray (140, 100 x 2, 110f) 2-1 and Burtie (140, 100 x 5) beat Dave Bangs (125, 100) 2-1 to make the final score a 9-all draw.

Game three saw Olde Sun visit DWMC B. Honours were shared early when the home side took the pairs game thanks to a 2-1 win for Gav Taylor (128) and James Taylor (112s) over Andy Ziadi and Lee Arnold.

The away side then took the opening singles game with a 2-1 win for Luke Smith (116) over Dave Keating (140, 100).

The home side then applied the pressure with 3-0 wins for Tony Leedham (125, 100 x 2) over Glen Kilgour (120, 100) and Gav Taylor (140, 118s) over Andy Ziadi.

Away side wins followed for Lee Arnold (133 x 3) 2-1 over Willie Taylor (100) and Rory Smallbone (100) 2-1 over James Taylor (100 x 2, 112s) but it was DWMC B that took an overall 11-7 win.

The final game saw Caseys visit The Peppermil and this proved another nail-biter.

The home side took the pairs when Paul Butler (100) and Troy Miller (100 x 2) beat Dave Summerfield (135) and Chris Gay (100, 114s) 2-1.

But the opening singles went to the away side when Nigel Turland (108, 100) beat Stuart Marshall 3-0.

A home win followed for Keith Chapman 2-1 over Mark Taylor (121, 100 x 2) before a 3-0 away win for John Gaul (140, 100) over Callum Miller (100) put them within sight of victory.

But the home side hit back with wins for Troy Miller 2-1 over Dave Summerfield (180, 100, 100f) and Paul Butler (134, 100, 102f) 3-0 over Chris Gay (105, 100 x 2) to give a final result of 9-all.

Performances of the week came from Robin Peasland (180), Ray Jones (158 start), Max Murray (110 finish), Gav Taylor (118 finish), James Taylor (112 start x 2), Dave Summerfield (180 and 100 finish) and Paul Butler (102 finish).

All teams wishing to enter the Winter League should send a representative to register them at the AGM being held at DWMC today (Thursday) at 8.30pm.

This week also saw the charity game between the Pike and Eel and Wheatsheaf Weedon B for “The Boot”.

An impressive £236 was raised on the night through the raffle and “Halve-it” events and this will be added to money raised from a darts marathon at the Pike and Eel earlier in the year to make a grand total of £1,400.

A cheque will be presented to Danetre Hospital Palliative Care Unit in the next few weeks and many thanks must go to John Gaul for organising these events.