DARTS: Casey’s hold their nerve to see off Buckby

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This week was a return to the Charity and Divisional Cups, and first up was the Charity Cup which saw Casey’s drawn at home to Long Buckby FC.

The triples game saw the home side of Dave Summerfield (125, 100), Gary Birch (140, 100, 121) and Brocky (140) face Paul Scott (116, 100) Ray Feasey and Pete Shirley, and it was the away side who eventually won through to take the game 2-1.

Luke Spence and Nigel Turland were then sent into battle to take on Ian Bow (140) and Mick Feasey, but again the away side came out triumphant winning 2-0.

With the home side feeling wounded Ray Jones (140, 100 x 3) went into the fray and set about despatching Paul Scott (125, 100) 2-0.

This was to prove to be an inspiration for the home side as Dave Summerfield (100 x 3, 110, 140, 127) came back to the board to do a number on Ray Feasey running out the 2 -1 victor.

Next up was Luke Spence (100 x 3) and he was in no mood to give up his game seeing off Pete Shirley (100, 134) again by 2-1.

Dave Jones (100 x 3, 140) was to play next for the home side and this proved to be a cracking game against Mick Feasey (100 x 4, 125), but the away side were not able to stem the flow and Dave came away with the win 2-1.

At this point the home side must have put on their charity heads as Brocky (100) came to the oche only to concede the game 2-1 to Ian Bow (100 x 3). The final score was 4-3 to Casey’s.

Up next was the Divisional Cup with The Wheatsheaf Weedon beating The Con Club A 5 – 2

Wednesday night also saw Daventry Town at home to The Con Club B in their rearranged league match.

The first of the doubles games had Darran Foster (100, 125, 140) and Bully (180, 140) for the home side, seeing off Paul Hale and JP 2-1.

The home side were not so successful in the second doubles game as Brad Burns (100) with Packy Andrews came away 2-0 winners against Brecon Hill and John Foster.

Dennis Job (140, 100) put in a shift to defeat Paul Hale 2-0 in the first of the singles games giving the home side a 2-1 lead. Darran Foster (100 x 2) and JP were to meet again in the second singles match with the result being the same for the home side 2-1.

Up stepped Bully (100 x 3, 133) for the home side against Brad Burns (100 x 2) and it was a case of bullies never win as Brad took the game 2-1. Scott Creavy was to be the one who would step in to take the game and the match for the home side beating Packy Andrews 2-1. The last game of the night was finish for another win for the home team as John Foster took the win from Rose Binder by 2-0. Final score was 5-2 to Daventry.