Crunch clash ends in goal-less stalemate

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DAVENTRY could only manage a 0-0 stalemate in a dour battle against Wild Catz played in freezing conditions.

The Catz started well and made several attacks in to the Daventry half.

But they were hit hard by the Daventry defence of Steph Borthwick, Mandy Thompson, Alison Creaney and Anna Kingstone who made several excellent tackles.

Daventry had to up their game in order to get round the tight marking of the Catz defence.

The solid defending continued at the back with several passes out to Hayley Frost and Jo Dicks who made strong runs down the wings to find player of the match Val McCarthy.

Val and Jo showed great strength and skill as she manoeuvred between players and passed to the midfield of Zoe and Alex Meek.

Hayley and Anna also linked well to feed the ball to Angela Bartlett who created opportunities to shoot at goal.

The Catz came back at Daventry with several dynamic runs and showed they were not going to be a walk over.

Again the Catz stayed strong making several tackles and interceptions to dominate the first-half.

Team manager Roni Blythe and Donna Welsh could see Daventry needed to make more attempts at finding space.

Roni lead the pep talk at half-time in order to re-focus Daventry after the home team showed they were more in control.

In the second-half Daventry seemed more determined keen to demonstrate they were the better team worthy of being top of the league.

Working more as a team Daventry seemed to unsettle Catz who became frustrated at not being able to defend the ball.

Kerry, Alex and Hayley charged forward attempting to feed the ball into the Catz half.

Karen again kept the ball away from the Daventry goal and used her football skills well when kicking the ball away.

A number of short corners were won by Daventry who had several near misses after bullet shots from Ang and Zoe were deflected or saved. The Catz goalie was put to the test.

A fiesty second-half resulted in a stalemate with no goals on the scoreboard.