County ladies in top form

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JACKSON Grundy Bowls Northamptonshire Women’s Section entertained Huntingdonshire ladies in the Inter County Johns Trophy at Irchester BC.

In a confident manner they controlled the match from beginning to end and won by 15 shots.

The county ladies quickly built up a lead of 13 shots over the first quarter with the two rinks skipped by Sharon Tansley and Sharon Hall being particularly dominant at that stage.

The next five ends saw a huge increase in the lead to 25 shots with four rinks winning well and two rinks losing by just one shot each.

In the second half of the match the Huntingdonshire ladies did stem the flow against them quite effectively and made inroads into the deficit.

At 18 ends across the green they were only seven shots adrift with a possibility of making the necessary ground.

But this was not to be as the county ladies dug in deep and limited their opposition to just nine shots more while picking up 17 shots themselves.

Four winning rinks, one drawn and just one losing gave the county 19 points to three points conceded.

Top winning rink for the county was that skipped by Sharon Hall which won by nine shots after an impressive performance from all.

The final score was Northamptonshire 119 – Huntingdonshire 104 shots.

The County finished the 2012 campaign on a high, with a total of 38 points from the four matches played.