Confident ladies grab convincing victory

TOWN ladies bagged a slender win over Kettering Seconds in their crucial top-of-the-table clash.

Daventry started well with man-of-the-match Alex Sheep pushing forward and linking well with Ronaldo Blyth to create opportunities.

Captain Angelina Bartlett picked up long balls sent in from Paula Smiley and Mandolin Thompson at the back.

In the first-half Karen Barflow in goal had more of a spectators’ view and was not tested until the second-half.

The defence remained strong and continually overturned the ball – thanks to excellent tackling from Madison Creaney, Donnatella Welsh and Steph Breadstick.

Daventry’s persistence in attack paid off when Aim-me Diment tapped the ball into the goal.

Kettering scored at their first attempt on goal in the second-half but Daventry re-focused and settled into their own game play.

Minutes later they should have gone ahead again when Monica Lambden powered the ball into the goal but it was disallowed.

Daventry were awarded a series of penalty corners from which Ronaldo pushed out to Angelina who struck the ball cleanly into the corner of the goal.

On the next attempt Paula Smiley slipped the ball back to Angelina who connected with the ball which trickled through the keeper’s legs for the third goal.

The game finished with a good win for Daventry who showed on this form why they are the league leaders.