Caseys bag second place

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THIS week saw the final round of games in the Daventry Darts Summer League 2011. The destination of the title had been decided many weeks ago and Slim Jims are the champions, finishing the season having won all 20 of their matches.

The runners-up spot was mathematically still undecided, although only a major upset in two of the games could have seen Caseys pipped.

In the first game of the week, Caseys were at home to Wheatsheaf Braunston. The home side won the first three games through Luke Spence (140, 132, 125, 112s) 3-0 over Glyn Thompson, Nigel Turland (100) 2-1 over Gordy Aldridge (100) and Chris Gay (140 x 2, 105, 100) 2-1 over Gavin Taylor (125, 100 x 2, 103s).

The away side took the final two games with wins for Adrian Lewis (125 x 2, 100) 2-1 over Mark Taylor (140) and Tom Kendall (140, 121, 100 x 2) 2-1 over Gary Birch (100) but it was Caseys who gained an overall 9-6 victory and secured second place in the league.

Game two saw The George play hosts to The Peppermill and it was the home side that quickly wrapped up victory with wins from Andy Winters (100) 3-0 over Alex Miller (140, 100 x 2, 120s), Andy Teale (134, 100 x 5) 3-0 over S. Berry and Gordon Eyles (120, 100) 2-1 over Clive Hart (100 x 3). Despite away side 3-0 wins for Troy Miller (125) over K. Aldridge (100) and Paul Butler (100 x 2) over Stuart Heath it was The George who enjoyed an overall 8-7 success.

The third game this week saw Daventry Workers B host Con Club. The home side dominated early with wins for Antony Leedham (180, 100 x 3) 2-1 against Robin Peasland (140, 108f), Rich Ludlow (100 x 4) 2-1 against Ivan Lester, Dave Keating 2-1 against Ray Hobrow (136, 100) and Gary Wade (100 x 2) 2-1 against Stuart Coe Snr (125, 100).

Simon Adkins (100 x 2) gained some consolation for the away with a 3-0 win in the final game against Gav Taylor (100 x 2) but it was Daventry Workers B who gained an overall 8-7 win.

In game four, Wheatsheaf Weedon A visited Long Buckby FC. The away side took the early advantage with wins for Paul Bull (100 x 2, 108s) 3-0 over Ged Berrill (116s) and Nicky Winfield (100, 92, 93s) 2-1 over Ray Feasey (106s).

The home side hit back strongly to draw level thanks to wins from Mick Feasey (140, 125, 123, 100, 116s) 3-0 over Brian Farmer (100 x 2) and Ian Bow (140) 2-1 over Max Murray (120s, 101s).

This set up a tense finish and it was Mark Parker (100, 100s) who wrapped up an overall 8-7 win for Wheatsheaf Weedon A with a 2-1 win over Joe Gammidge.

In the final game this week, Wheatsheaf Weedon B played hosts to Daventry Workers A and it was the away side who quickly wrapped up victory thanks to wins from Ricky Cole (100 x 2) 3-0 over Paul Jackson, John Hartley (123, 100, 100s) 3-0 over Pete Steele (140, 105) and Steve Cale (100 x 2) 3-0 over Hayley Parker.

The home side took the next game when Paul Marsh (140, 100 x 2) beat Ray Jones (100 x 2) 2-1 but Dave Hewitt beat Dave Bangs (127, 100, 110s) 2-1 in the final game to give Daventry Workers a 12-3 overall victory.

Performances of the week went to Antony Leedham (180) and Robin Peasland (108f).