BOWLS: Wellingborough beaten as Daventry mixed team shine

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Daventry mixed team had an excellent 120-82 win at home to Wellingborough on Thursday. Captain on the day, George Clifton presented Ken Garlick, Margaret Stevens and Jim Round with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink one: Ian Goodwin, Sylvia Plant & Alan Davies 5 P Short 21

Rink two: Ken Garlick, Margaret Stevens & Jim Round 33 Mal Evans 5

Rink three: Joy Austin, Audrey Budd & Norman Langdon 23 G Andrews 15

Rink four: Mary Gillard, Trevor Taylor & George Clifton 32 L Kirby 7

Rink five: Kath Alton, Stanley Alton & Jim Milburn 10 H Garrod 22

Rink six: Hazel Wallage, Barbara Langdon & Adge Smith 17 P Towell 12

Yetton Trophy delight for Daventry Ladies

Daventry ladies had a very good 77-70 win against Desborough in the first round of the National Yetton Trophy.

They will now play Kingsthorpe in the next round.

Rink one: Julie Spreadbury, Jacqueline Lancaster, Sylvia Plant & Patricia Symonds 17 Rebbica Whigfield 30

Rink two: Sue Yates, Shirley Shucksmith, Helen Humphris & Brenda Bishop 23 J Flippance 10

Rink three: Margaret Daynes, Mary Gillard, Barbara Hutt & Joan Watts 17 Ron Rudge 15

Rink four: Carol Kershaw, Janet Marnewick, Gill Wykes & Vicki Rushall 20 Eleanor Winters 15

Mixed are too strong for Bedford Borough

Daventry mixed had a strong 97-61 win on Saturday at home to Bedford Borough.

Winning on four out of five triples, the final score was 97-61. Captain John Sach, welcomed Eveline Worral, Clive Collins and Ian Weaver to the team and presented Kath Alton, Stan Alton and Jim Milburn with the highest winning rink award.

Rink one: Eveline Worrall, Clive Collins & Norman Langdon 20 C Kemp 16

Rink two: Kath Alton, Stanley Alton & Jim Milburn 26 P Amor 7

Rink three: Derek Payne, Michael Robins & Alan Davies 10 I Woods 18

Rink four: Debs Sach, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 18 Laurie Coleman 12

Rink 5: June Gelder, Ian Weaver & Brian Gelder 23 S Hurley 8

National success as Lodge are beaten

Daventry won on Sunday morning 77-50 against Kettering Lodge in the National Egham trophy.

Rink one: Helen Humphris, Sylvia Plant, Bernard Spreadbury & Mick Worthington 20 A Simms 12

Rink two: Julie Spreadbury, Margaret Daynes, Mick Richardson & Duggie Mitchell 12 P Harris 13

Rink three: Tony Dicks, Sue Yates, Joan Watts & Allan Watts 19 Mark Turner 14

Rink four: Vicki Rushall, Geoff Allen, Brenda Bishop & Michael Moulton 26 Andy Britten 11

Hicks the hero as Daventry nick win

Daventry won a nail-biting match against Northampton & District 75-72.

As the last rink to finish was laying six shots down, it took an excellent last bowl of the match for Daventry skip, Judy Hicks, to draw in the winning shot.

The captain’s rink led by example, having the highest winning rink, and presented, Janet Marnewick, Debs Sach, Roy Marnewick and himself with the award.

Rink two: Jim Hicks, Hazel Wallage, Margaret Stevens & Adge Smith 20 N Desilver 22

Rink three: Philip Daynes, Anne Smith, Barry Bailey & Judy Hicks 12 J Weatherall 26

Rink four: Janet Marnewick, Debs Sach, Roy Marnewick & John Sach 22 K Smith 9

Rink 5: Ken Garlick, Mary Gillard, Barbara Langdon & Norman Langdon 21 Pete Milburn 15