BOWLS: Six of the best steers Daventry to victory

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Daventry won on all six rinks on Thursday, at home against the Retired Northants Police, with a final score of 151-70.

This was a magnificent start to the midweek winter friendlies.

Captain, John Sach presented June Gelder, Keith Faulding, Stan Alton and Norman Langdon with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink one: Ken Garlick, Mary Gillard, Brian Robbins & Adge Smith 27 Tim Robinson 8

Rink two: June Gelder, Keith Faulding, Stanley Alton & Norman Langdon 34 Mick Lee 11

Rink three: Trevor Taylor, Hazel Wallage, Jim Round & Alan Davies 17 Brian Hayes 15

Rink four: Carol Kershaw, Debs Sach, Sue Pernyes & John Sach 19 Bill Tapp 13

Rink five: Margaret Carty, Ian Goodwin, Barbara Hutt & Brian Gelder 23 C Appleton 5

Rink six: Kath Alton, Barbara Langdon, Margaret Stevens & Jim Milburn 31 Pete Simmons 8

Four-star Daventry see off Kettering

Daventry won on all four rinks on Sunday at Kettering Lodge and the final score was 86-65.

Captain-on-the-day Norman Langdon, presented June Gelder, Mary Gillard, Phil Daynes and Alan Davies with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink one: Hazel Wallage, Barbara Langdon, Brian Gelder & Adge Smith 22 J Beal 16

Rink two: Ken Garlick, Kenneth Wilson, Stephen White & Norman Langdon 20 G Rowland 16

Rink three: June Gelder, Mary Gillard, Philip Daynes & Alan Davies 28 D Cooper 19

Rink four: Jim Hicks, Anne Smith, Margaret Stevens & Judy Hicks 16 B Sibbett 14

B team progress in Over-60s double rink

Daventry B team had an excellent win on Saturday in the National over 60s Double Rink competition.

They will now face the winners of the Kettering Lodge vs Northampton A match.

Rink scores: Rink two: Brian Scott, Brian Gelder, George Clifton & Adge Smith 19 R Everson Watts 12

Rink four: Morris Freeman, Ray Rumble, Geoff Smith & Alan Davies 21 Brian Kaye 17

Kingsthorpe prove too hot to handle

Daventry lost on Sunday in the first round of the National Top Club at Kingsthorpe.

Town only managed to win the men’s two wood singles.

Rink scores: Rink one: Vicki Rushall 10 Sharon Tansley 16

Rink two: Tony Dicks 19 Chris Maden 8

Rink three: Brenda Bishop & Michael Moulton 12 J McKee 14

Rink four: Barbara Hutt, Mick Richardson & Mick Worthington 6 Mick Sharpe 15

Rink five: Sylvia Plant, Margaret Daynes, Alan Gardner & Geoff Allen 9 Vernon Gearey 25

Daventry mixed let midway lead slip

A mixed team from Daventry travelled to Barwell in Leicestershire on Sunday, and despite leading until the halfway stage, lost 132-92.

This was a disappointing result for the first game of the season, as we had won both games against Barwell last season.

Apart from the result, it was a very good day, and captain, John Sach, welcomed Malcolm Payne and Graham Ballinger, playing their first matches, to the team.

Jim Hicks, Barbara Hutt, Brian Gelder and Judy Hicks were presented with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink one: Jim Hicks, Barbara Hutt, Brian Gelder & Judy Hicks 24 Mike Kenny 11

Rink two: Janet Marnewick, Debs Sach, Roy Marnewick & John Sach 13 Bernard Merrick 23

Rink three: Malcolm Payne, Anne Smith, Michael Robins & Alan Davies 8 Jan Upton 32

Rink four: June Gelder, Graham Ballinger, Barry Bailey & Stephen White 15 Alan Solomon 15

Rink five: Carol Kershaw, Barbara Langdon, Margaret Stevens & Adge Smith 22 Roger Percival 23

Rink six: Ken Garlick, Mary Gillard, Sue Pernyes & Norman Langdon 10 Bern English 27

New bowlers wanted at Daventry indoor

Daventry Indoor Bowls Club would welcome new members. We have a number of free taster days and all coaching and equipment is provided. Please look at the website for more details f