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MARGARET Carty, in her first game as captain, gained a creditable win 62-49 for Daventry Ladies against Harborough and District.

Rink scores were Annie Scrimshaw, Greta Orcherton, Jennie Mercer and Jean Nixon (highest winning rink) 21. S Silverside 6.

Carol Kershaw, Margaret Carty, Mary Gillard and Gill Wykes 6 S Blythe 18. Hazel Wallage, Madge Austin, Barbara Hutt and Pat Symonds 23 P Randall 11. Margaret Faulkner, Jacqui Lancaster, Kay Magrath and Shirley Shucksmith 12 J Sargeant 14.

The club entertained Luton in a six-rink mixed game but this time lost out 105-115.

Highest winning rink was Ken Garlick, Margaret Carty, Alan Saunders and Adge Smith with a 29-17 win over D Tuffnell. Other rink scores were Barbara Langdon, Ken Faulkner, Brian Robbins and Alan Watts 17 M Abela 18. John O’Connor, Anne Smith, Ian Watts and Alan Davies 20 G Parker 16. Alf Macari, Phil Goodwin, Margaret Stevens and Peter Mercer 10 P Jacobs 24.

Peter Ashbrook, Mike Robins, John Sach and Norman Langdon 12 R Crouch 18. Jennie Mercer, Eric Wareing, Rick Hayes and Colin Dovey 17 J Moore 22.

Daventry men entered the countywide Thomason Trophy with three rinks at home and three away at Desborough Kettering and Kingsthorpe.

Daventry gained one winning rink at home and one playing at Kingsthorpe.

The Trophy was won by Wellingborough with five winning rinks and plus 33 shots. Second was Northampton and District with four wins plus 25 shots with Desborough third with three wins and plus four shots.