BOWLS: Daventry too strong for Highway

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Daventry men had a great win at home on Saturday against Highway bowls club from Coventry.

The final score was 107-64. Having lost the away fixture by one point earlier in the season, Daventry got their revenge.

Captain John Sach presented the Davies rink with the highest win award.

Rink scores:

Keith Rutt, Phil Daynes & John Sach 22 John Slinn 15

Brian Chaplin, Arthur Stowe & Alan Davies 31 P Bruton 8

John Bradley, David Cooke & Duggie Mitchell 21 N Pearson 12

Malcolm Payne, Stuart Coyles & Alan Gardner 19 J Ball 13

Jim Walvin, Keith Bishop & Darrell Welch 14 P Sweeney 16

West End boys and girls prove too good

Daventry Mixed lost at home to Northampton West End.

After winning the away leg, the team was hoping for a double but this was not to be losing at home 82-72.

Captain John Sach presented the Mike Robins rink with the highest win award.

Rink scores

John Robinson, Keith Bishop & John Sach 17 Tony Weston 12

Ivy Cook, David Cook & Mike Robins 26 Ian Daverson 11

Bill Salmon, Danny Garrett & Alan Davies 12 Pete J 17

Linda Rutherford, Jim Walvin & John Bradley 8 Danny 19

Margaret Irvine, Arthur Stowe & John Hodgekinson 7 Richard Dyball 23