BOWLS: Daventry over-60s on a high as Kettering Lodge are beaten in nationals

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The Daventry over 60 B Team won 49-27 on Tuesday at home against Kettering Lodge in the National Over 60s Double Rink. They will now face Kingsthorpe A team in the next Round.

Rink scores: Rink 3: Morris Freeman, Ray Rumble, Geoff Smith & Alan Davies 33 J Beal 6

Rink 4: Brian Scott, Brian Gelder, George Clifton & Adge Smith 16 Alan Thorne 21

Leicester too good

Daventry Ladies lost their match at Leicester.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Carol Kershaw, Lilian Greenwood & Rhona Holland 10 Jan Barnacle 15

Rink 2: June Gelder, Julie Spreadbury & Patricia Symonds 10 Jenny Martin 17

Rink 3: Annie Scrimshaw, Jacqueline Lancaster & Joan Watts 10 Mary whit ore 16

Rink 4: Margaret Carty, Jean Nixon & Shirley Shucksmith 10 Barbara Parson 24

Borough are beaten

Daventry Over-60s A team won on Thursday against Wellingborough. The final score was 35-32.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Tony Dicks, Geoff Allen, Bernard Spreadbury & Michael Moulton 19 G Hunt 19

Rink 4: John Worthington, Allan Watts, Duggie Mitchell & Mick Worthington 16 B Reece 13

Six of the best

Daventry men, won on all six rinks on Thursday at home to Northampton club Abington.

The final score was 122-68. Captain John Sach welcomed John Dunkley, playing his first match for the club, and presented, John Dunkley, Stan Alton and George Clifton with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink 1: John Dunkley, Stanley Alton & George Clifton 25 Mick Taylor 12

Rink 2: Ian Goodwin, Michael Robins & Mark Courtney 18 Alan Ward 8

Rink 3: Ian Lumsden, Trevor Taylor & Adge Smith 19 Harvey Frush 12

Rink 4: Brian Robbins, Ray Dawson & John Sach 21 Chris Zouch 14

Rink 5: Jim Milburn, Peter Mercer & Alan Davies 24 Peter Kneeshaw 12

Rink 6: Keith Faulding, Keith Bishop & Jim Round 15 Reg Jones 10

Bletchley fight back

Daventry won the first leg at Bletchley in October. Bletchley came to Daventry on Saturday looking for revenge, and got it. The final score was 109-133.

Captain-on-the-day Norman Langdon presented the John Sach rink with the highest winning rink.

Rink scores: Rink 1: John O’Connor, Malcolm Payne, Michael Robins & Alan Davies 27 Terry Dimmock 19

Rink 2: Peter Rolfe, Barbara Langdon, Iris Rolfe & Adge Smith 17 Martin Evans 29

Rink 3: Hazel Wallage, Jim Milburn, Aubrey Wykes & Peter Mercer 14 Alan Hughes 25

Rink 4: Eveline Worrall, Kath Alton, John Dugmore & Norman Langdon 12 P Brazier 23

Rink 5: Debs Sach, Jennie Mercer, Brian Robbins & John Sach 19 Mike Hope 10

Rink 6: June Gelder, Anne Smith, Stanley Alton & Brian Gelder 20 C Sumner 27

Egham Trophy defeat

Daventry lost on Sunday in the second round of the National Egham Trophy. The final score was 58-94 to Wellingborough.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Helen Humphris, Sylvia Plant, Bernard Spreadbury & Mick Worthington 12 Steve Norman 24

Rink 2: Julie Spreadbury, Margaret Daynes, Tony Dicks & Duggie Mitchell 13 Walt Winsor 27

Rink 3: Vicki Rushall, Mark Courtney, Brenda Bishop & Michael Moulton 16 Martin Walker 23

Rink 4: Sue Yates, Joan Watts, Alan Gardner & Allan Watts 17 Paul Broderick 20

Mason Trophy misery

Daventry lost on Friday in the National Mason Trophy against Wellingborough 35-42.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Eveline Worrall, Iris Rolfe, Jill Welch & Brenda Bishop 20 Pam Reynolds 19

Rink 2: Sue Yates, Helen Humphris, Vicki Rushall & Joan Watts 15 Margaret Johnson 23