BOWLS: Daventry deliver as they sink Bletchley

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Daventry had a very good win at Bletchley on Saturday.

Despite having many regular players missing, Daventry won 142-78.

Captain, John Sach, presented June Gelder, Malcolm Payne, Mike Robins and Tony Dicks with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink one: Sylvia Plant, Mary Gillard, Brian Gelder & Brenda Bishop 29 John Docherd 9

Rink two: Margaret Daynes, John O’Connor, Philip Daynes & Duggie Mitchell 28 Jim Peteri 16

Rink four: Alf Macari, John Robinson, Sue Pernyes & Stephen White 20 Ted Sumner 14

Rink five: Hazel Wallage, Keith Faulding, Brian Robbins & Geoff Smith 13 B Fuller 22

Rink six: June Gelder, Malcolm Payne, Michael Robins & Tony Dicks 30 James McDevitt 6

Kettering are caned as Daventry cruise

Daventry won on all rinks at home on Thursday at home to Kettering Lodge.

The final score was 102-54. Captain John Sach welcomed new member Ralph Snell to the team, and presented Brian Robbins, Kath Alton, Peter Oliver and Adge Smith, with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink 2: Jim Milburn, Keith Faulding, Brian Scott & George Clifton 28 J Konarczak 10

Rink 3: Barbara Langdon, Ian Goodwin, Stanley Alton & Norman Langdon 19 D Cooper 17

Rink 4: Ralph Snell, Trevor Taylor, Alan Davies & John Sach 24-15

Rink 5: Brian Robbins, Kath Alton, Peter Oliver & Adge Smith 31 J Beal 12

Ladies prove too strong for District

The Daventry ladies won at Northampton & District on Wednesday.

The final score was 71-56.

Captain Jacqui Lancaster presented Hazel Wallage, Julie Spreadbury and Brenda Bishop, with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Julie Spreadbury & Brenda Bishop 22-8

Rink 2: Annie Scrimshaw, Lilian Greenwood & Vicki Rushall 9 J Porter 19

Rink 3: Carol Kershaw, Barbara Hutt & Margaret Stevens 19 E Wittering 15

Rink 4: Margaret Carty, Jacqueline Lancaster & Shirley Shucksmith 21 A Petrucci 14