BOWLS: Daventry delight as they sink County VPs


Daventry enjoyed a good home win against the Northamptonshire Honorary 
Vice Presidents Bowls Association.

The final score was 105-96. Captain John Sach presented the highest winning rink award to Brian Robbins, Mick Platt, Brian Scott and Adge Smith.

Captain Sach also welcomed new members of the team, Ray Caira and Steve Dick, along with new bowlers John Moore, Mick Platt, Tony Robinson and Grahame Akers.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Anthony Robinson, John O’Connor, Stephen Dick & Norman Langdon 14 Bob Tingle 21

Rink 2: Keith Faulding, Ian Goodwin, Keith Bishop & Peter Mercer 12 Dave Williams 28

Rink 3: Trevor Taylor, John Moore, Michael Robins & Mark Courtney 21 Colin Incles 7

Rink 4: John Robinson, Ray Caira, Ray Dawson & John Sach 15 Jack Brown 17

Rink 5: Ian Lumsden, Grahame Akers, Stanley Alton & Jim Milburn 21 Dave Thurlow 15

Rink 6: Brian Robbins, Micheal Platt, Brian Scott & Adge Smith 22 T Essam 8

Mixed team are too strong for Greyfriars

DAVENTRY mixed had an excellent win on Saturday at home to Greyfriars Bowls Club from Coventry.

The final score was 111-96. Daventry captain John Sach presented Kath Alton, Barbara Hutt, John Dugmore and Peter Mercer with the highest winning rink award.

New bowlers Colin Brown and James Goodwin were welcomed into the team.

Rink scores: Rink 1: David Grey, Alf Macari, Jennie Mercer & Brian Gelder 23 Mike Gilks 13

Rink 2: June Gelder, Irene Oxby, Brian Robbins & Stanley Alton 13 G Palmer 18

Rink 3: Graham Ballinger, Colin Brown, Malcolm Payne & Michael Robins 18 Colin Hayward 21

Rink 4: John Robinson, , Barbara Langdon & John Sach 19 Roy Lawrence 9

Rink 5: Micheal Platt, Mary Gillard, Sue Pernyes & Norman Langdon 12 Johnay Johnson 24

Rink 6: Kath Alton, Barbara Hutt, John Dugmore & Peter Mercer 26 Morris Clayton 11

Wessex League defeat for Daventry

DAVENTRY men lost 84-73 to Bromsgrove in the Wessex League. With two winning rinks Daventry collect four points.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Rick Hayes, Geoff Smith, Alan Davies & Bernard Spreadbury 25 N Bretterton 15

Rink 3: Peter Ashbrook, Ray Caira, John Sach & Mark Courtney 14 L Lane 30

Rink 4: Barry Bailey, Brian Jones, Adge Smith & Mick Worthington 20 C Roberts 13

Rink 5: Geoff Allen, Philip Daynes, Michael Moulton & Tony Dicks 14 Lew Whitehouse 27

Thornfield too strong

DAVENTRY Ladies lost their match to Thornfield.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Margaret Daynes, Jacqueline Lancaster & Patricia Symonds 16 P Scholfield 18

Rink 2: June Gelder, Barbara Hutt & Jean Nixon 11 P Bax 23

Rink 3: Kath Alton, Eveline Worrall & Iris Rolfe 11 J Terry 18

Rink 4: Carol Kershaw, Mary Gillard & Reg Kershaw 22 E Cresswell 12

Banbury turn on style

DAVENTRY mixed team were hammered 129-66 at Banbury.

The result was not too much of a surprise, as Daventry was fielding many new bowlers. Captain-on-the-day Norman Langdon led by example having the highest and only winning rink for Daventry. Norman also welcomed Mick Platt and Joe Heagien, who were playing their first match.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Jim Hicks, Graham Ballinger & Peter Mercer 13 A Garett 23

Rink 2: Grahame Akers, Richard Wilson & Judy Hicks 6 R Hopkins 33

Rink 3: Ken Garlick, Barbara Langdon & Norman Langdon 17 S McKenna 13

Rink 4: Joe Heagien, Jennie Mercer & Mary Gillard 8 J Cox 19

Rink 5: Micheal Platt, Malcolm Payne & Sue Pernyes 11 T Ulph 21

Rink 6: Anthony Robinson, Margaret Stevens & John Dugmore 11 M Wiggaw 20

Daventry well beaten

THERE was a heavy 89-30 defeat for Daventry in their County League match against Desborough.

The points were 1-8.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Keith Bishop, Ray Caira & Allan Watts 3 John Haines 34

Rink 2: Brian Jones, Stephen Dick & Adge Smith 6 G Carley 22

Rink 4: Morris Freeman, Ray Dawson & John Sach 13 Brian Diver 13

Rink 5: Rick Hayes, Stephen White & Alan Davies 8 N Gibb 20