BOWLS: Daventry delight as St Barbara’s are beaten

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Daventry BC won at home against Coventry St Barbara’s on Saturday.

The final score was 145-85. Captain John Sach, presented the highest winning rink award to Graham Ballinger, Malc Payne, Brenda Bishop and Mark Courtney who won on their rink by a massive 50 shots!

Rink scores

Rink 1: Eveline Worrall, Sylvia Hatfield, John Dugmore & Geoff Smith 9 B Slater 27

Rink 2: Jennie Mercer, Aubrey Wykes, Gill Wykes & Peter Mercer 18 B Smith 17

Rink 3: Graham Ballinger, Malcolm Payne, Brenda Bishop & Mark Courtney 53 D Matheson 3

Rink 4: Debs Sach, Margaret Daynes, Philip Daynes & John Sach 23 Tony Parsons 12

Rink 5: Anthony Robinson, Michael Platt, Barbara Langdon & Adge Smith 24 B Richards 12

Rink 6: Hazel Wallage, Anne Smith, Mary Gillard & Brian Robbins 18 Len Mason 14

Lodge are no match for Daventry mixed

THE Daventry mixed team had an excellent win at Kettering Lodge on Thursday.

The match was all level at the halfway stage, but as the Daventry team got used the green in the second half, they turned on the pressure winning 82-64.

Captain John Sach presented his own rink, including Tony Robinson, Anne Smith and Margaret Stevens, with the highest rink win award.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Ken Garlick, Ian Goodwin, Barbara Langdon & Adge Smith 16 J Beal 17

Rink 2: Trevor Taylor, Michael Platt, Mary Gillard & Norman Langdon 11 M Smith 24

Rink 3: June Gelder, Keith Faulding, Brian Scott & Brian Gelder 29 P Wood 14

Rink 4: Anthony Robinson, Anne Smith, Margaret Stevens & John Sach 26 Pete Morran 9

Ladies on song as Leicester are beaten

DAVENTRY Ladies enjoyed an impressive win at home to Leicester.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Margaret Daynes & Jacqueline Lancaster 23-13

Rink 2: Eveline Worrall, Viv Butler & Jennie Mercer 19-5

Rink 3: Carol Kershaw, Irene Oxby & Barbara Hutt 35-10

Rink 4: Margaret Carty, Annie Scrimshaw & Shirley Shucksmith 11-16

Daventry celebrate deserved promotion

THE Daventry Town Short Mat Bowls Club have been promoted to division one.

After an excellent season of short mat bowls Daventry Town have won 11 and lost five matches and finished second in division two, giving automatic promotion to division one. The players were David Bellis (captain), Darrell Welch, David and Ivy Cooke, Joanne Stevens, Josh Bellis, Jill Welch, Reg and Joan Groves, June Coyles, Linda Rutherford, Keith Bishop, Keith Ingram, Ron Smith and Margaret Irvine.

Anyone who would like to join the short mat bowls, who play at Stefan Hill, should contact David Bellis on 01327 703948