BOWLS: Daventry delight as Nomads are beaten at long last

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Daventry enjoyed a long-awaited win against the Nomads.

Three out of the four rinks had an excellent result, but I understand the fourth rink score did not reflect the quality of the bowling.

All four players bowled really well, but every end were out bowled by the opposition. Well done on a good club result.


Rink 1: Michael Isom, Brian Scott, Terry Fuller & Mick Worthington won 28-10

Rink 2: Brian Jones, Adge Smith, Alan Gardner & Michael Moulton won 18-14

Rink 3: Ray Dawson, Malcolm Foster, Alan Davies & Bernard Spreadbury 30-16

Rink 4: Ray Rumble, Ray Caira, Philip Daynes & Mark Courtney lost 14-29

Chipping Norton are too hot to handle

Daventry lost at 95-62 against Chipping Norton on Saturday.

Captain John Sach thanked Dennis Hollamby for stepping in due to a player being unwell, and then went on to thank Chipping Norton for the warm welcome.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Graham Ballinger, Dennis Hollamby, Margaret Stevens & Peter Mercer 11 J Martin 22

Rink 2: Mary Gillard, Michael Robins, Sue Pernyes & Jo Reid-Jones 20 J Stevens 24

Rink 3: Barbara Langdon, Sylvia Hatfield, Ian Reid-Jones & Norman Langdon 18 R Cook 26

Rink 4: Debs Sach, Jennie Mercer, Malcolm Payne & John Sach 13 S Davies 23

Fuller happy as Dav claim opening win

Captain Terry Fuller was pleased with his team’s first win in the Northants County League.

Let’s hope they continue to have success for the rest of the 2015 season.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Richard Hooper, Peter Ashbrook & Terry Fuller 12 S Mason 18

Rink 2: Rick Hayes, Stuart Lowe & Adge Smith 19 B Braincoat 11

Rink 3: Stephen White, Philip Daynes & Mark Courtney 15 A Harris 16

Rink 4: Malcolm Foster, Ray Caira & Alan Davies 23 M Turner 17

Thornfield have the edge in close battle

Daventry Ladies fought hard before narrowly losing to Thornfield Ladies.

At one stage, captain Margaret Daynes was worried that she would not have a highest winning rink, but Judy Hicks, Shirley Shucksmith and June Gelder grabbed the lead in the end.

Rink scores

Rink 1: June Gelder, Shirley Shucksmith & Judy Hicks 18 J Terry 17

Rink 2: Carol Kershaw, Audrey Budd & Brenda Bishop 12 P Dahlgres 16

Rink 3: Margaret Daynes, Barbara Hutt & Patricia Symonds 12 Y Bromfield 14

Rink 4: Annie Scrimshaw, Jean Nixon & Jennie Mercer 15 E Cresswell 15

Skipper Langdon’s effort not enough

Daventry lost 124-103 on Saturday against Northampton.

Captain-on-the-day, president Norman Langdon led by example and presented his rink with the highest winning rink.

Barbara Langdon, Ann Smith, Sue Pernyes and himself.

Rink scores

Rink 1: June Gelder, Mary Gillard, Malcolm Payne & Adge Smith 18 L Porter 13

Rink 2: Hazel Wallage, Mike Taylor, Brian Robbins & Alan Davies 16 J Carter 21

Rink 3: Jim Hicks, Barbara Hutt, Ian Reid-Jones & Jo Reid-Jones 21 R Spatcher 23

Rink 4: Barbara Langdon, Anne Smith, Sue Pernyes & Norman Langdon 22 Reg Jones 11

Rink 5: Jennie Mercer, Carol Taylor, Gill Wykes & Peter Mercer 16 B Jones 22

Rink 6: Keith Faulding, Sylvia Hatfield, Brian Gelder & Judy Hicks 10 N Hall 34

New year blow as Solihull sink Daventry

Daventry lost their opening match of 2015 when they were beaten by Solihull.

It just wasn’t the start to the New Year that the Daventry team wanted.

All the rinks started well, but Solihull proved in the end to be the better team on the day.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Michael Isom, Malcolm Foster, Geoff Allen & Terry Fuller 17 R Dowler 20

Rink 2: Brian Robbins, Adge Smith, Alan Gardner & Michael Moulton 12 P Holmes 24

Rink 3: Stephen White, Geoff Smith, Alan Davies & Bernard Spreadbury 17 T Sankey 19

Rink 4: Ray Rumble, Ray Caira, Philip Daynes & Mark Courtney 12 G Langford 33

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