BOWLS: Barwell beaten as Daventry turn on style

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Daventry were 125-108 winners over Barwell at home on Saturday.

This was sweet revenge as Daventry lost the away leg. Captain-on-the-day, Norman Langdon, presented Janet Marnewick, Barbara Langdon, Roy Marnewick and Alan Davies with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink 1: Richard Wilson, Malcolm Payne, John Dugmore & Michael Robins 19 Alan Solomon 13

Rink 2: June Gelder, Neal Oxby, Stanley Alton & Jim Milburn 13 Mike Compland 25

Rink 3: Carol Kershaw, Graham Ballinger, Sylvia Plant & Norman Langdon 23 Roger Perival 17

Rink 4: Aubrey Wykes, Jennie Mercer, Gill Wykes & Peter Mercer 20 Derry Barsley 14

Rink 5: Hazel Wallage, Kath Alton, Reg Kershaw & Brian Gelder 24 Tom Gilbert 19

Rink 6: Janet Marnewick, Barbara Langdon, Roy Marnewick & Alan Davies 26 John Pegg 20

Bletchley too strong in Denny Cup clash

Daventry lost 91-51 to Bletchley in the national Denny Cup competition.

Rink scores: Rink 3: Peter Ashbrook, John Sach, Mick Richardson & Duggie Mitchell 18 G Smyth 24

Rink 4: Rick Hayes, Stephen White, George Clifton & Mark Courtney 9 M Tompkin 30

Rink 5: Ray Rumble, Ray Caira, Allan Watts & Bernard Spreadbury 11 M Drage 15

Rink 6: Brian Jones, Adge Smith, Tony Dicks & Mick Worthington 13 D Brazilt 22

Solihull sink Dav in Wessex League

Daventry lost the first Wessex League match of the season on Sunday, 101-71 against Solihull.

Rink scores: Rink 3: Brian Scott, Adge Smith, Tony Dicks & Mick Worthington 23 P Holmes 26

Rink 4: Geoff Allen, Geoff Smith, Alan Davies & Bernard Spreadbury 18 R Dowler 17

Rink 5: Barry Bailey, John Sach, Mark Courtney & Duggie Mitchell 18 A Lewis 21

Rink 6: Rick Hayes, Peter Ashbrook, Alan Gardner & Michael Moulton 12 Tom Sankey 37

Greyfriars see off mixed team

The Daventry mixed team lost on Sunday afternoon at Rugby, playing Coventry team, Greyfriars.

The final score was 82-98.

Captain-on-the-day, Norman Langdon lead by example, and presented his own rink, with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores: Rink 2: Jim Hicks, Kath Alton, Margaret Stevens & Judy Hicks 21 20

Rink 3: Graham Ballinger, Malcolm Payne, Michael Robins & Stephen White 15 19

Rink 4: Barbara Langdon, Anne Smith, Jennie Mercer & Norman Langdon 18 15

Rink 5: David Grey, Grahame Akers, Stanley Alton & Peter Mercer 10 23

Rink 6: Ken Garlick, Anthony Robinson, Alf Macari & Mark Courtney 18 21