Award bid for young bowlers

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THE EIBA Ltd has developed a range of youth awards to test and develop junior bowlers.

The awards are in three stages – bronze, silver and gold and are designed to allow young bowlers to gain skills and knowledge.

The bronze and silver awards are designed so that these can be run within the club as part of their own development/coaching programme.

The Gold award will be conducted by the EIBA Ltd’s Schools Group at specific locations around the country.

Each player who passes the test will be presented with a special certificate which will be issued to the club following their registration with the EIBA Ltd.

The Youth awards were created by the EIBA Ltd’s Schools Group which is led by Denis Goodley and includes Ian and Patsy Paddy and Sheila and Don Goodwin.

Announcing the launch of the Youth Awards, Peter Thompson chief operating executive of the EIBA Ltd, said: “We are delighted to offer these National Awards to all the young bowlers and potential new bowlers through our affiliated clubs.

“ With the children using them as part of their development they will not only gain the appropriate skills of the game but also give them a nationally-recognised award which they can be proud of.”

For full details of the National Youth Awards and to register to conduct an Awards Test contact Andrea Clark at the EIBA on 01664 481900, or download the award booklet from website.