WOODFORD UNITED: Worrall says future stability more important than results

STILL GOING - action from Woodford United's recent 5-0 defeat at the hands of Peterborough Sports
STILL GOING - action from Woodford United's recent 5-0 defeat at the hands of Peterborough Sports

Woodford United chairman Andy Worrall insists long-term sustainability is more important than success on the pitch.

But he admits suffering defeats like the 16-0 hammering at Wellingborough Whitworth last weekend is ‘not nice for anyone’.

The Reds lost a player to injury early on in that game and, such is the paucity of their resources, were forced to play it out with 10 men.

That brought about a huge defeat, adding more woe to a season that has seen the club, now managed by long-serving Paul Adams, win just one of their 31 UCL Division One games, as they were also beaten 7-0 at Olney on Tuesday.

But though Worrall feels his club should have more points on the board, he is keen to stress that Woodford’s future trumps picking up positive results.

“We don’t want to get beaten 16-0 but with what we’re trying to do it’s going to happen occasionally,” said the Byfield Road supremo.

“It wasn’t a competitive game last weekend and we’ve just got to try to keep working on it for the rest of the season.

“The plan is still the same as it was a couple of years ago because the club is more important than anything else.

“We would have expected to get a few more points in UCL Division One, but it’s not been the case.

“We’ve had managers who have mentioned money, but we can’t pay it.

“Any money we take will go into the club.

“We didn’t build the club up for nothing and there are lots of positives but the success comes through sustainability, not results.

“We’ve got to make sure it’s here for everyone in the community to enjoy and participate in for years to come.”

And Worralll feels it may not be too long before other clubs follow Woodford’s lead.

He said: “There may be a few more teams who realise why we’ve done what we have.

“There will be a few more teams who think we might have got it right.

“Let the ones who have got benefactors go and do what they’re doing. We need the likes of Brackley and Daventry in the county, but there’s also a place for clubs like us.”

Though they are destined to finish bottom of the table, Woodford are eager to reapply for a place in UCL Division One next season.

But they will not be changing their approach any time soon. Everyone here does it for the love of the game,” said Worrall. “No one gets a penny.

“The only expenditure we have is match officials and not one penny goes towards players or staff. If you’re paying £200 a week that soon mounts up and we can’t afford that.”