SWIMMING: Dolphins delight as they seal promotion

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Daventry Dolphins A team claimed a stunning win in the third and final round of the 2015 Leicester and District Division Two Winter League, a result that saw them claim promotion.

The A Team was invited to host the final of the top eight placed teams after round two, at Nuneaton while the B Team travelled to the DeMontfort University Pool in Leicester.

Ranked seventh out of the eight going into the final because in the second round the club had to field a less experienced team due to the clash of events, the club is so grateful and proud of those swimmers and helpers who made the effort to represent the club in round two.

The other clubs at the gala were in for a shock as the Dolphins, back to full strength, dominated.

There were 49 events with each event being worth eight points to the winner making a maximum of 392 points available to score on the night. The Dolphins scored 356 which highlighted their total dominance. Out of the 49 events there were 28 first places, 10 seconds and eight thirds.

Gala Result

Gala points followed by League points


2nd Ilkeston 275 / 14

3rd Leicester Neptunes A 264 / 12

4th Melton Mowbray B 204 /10

5th Burton 202 / 8

6th Wellingborough B 163 / 6

7th Market Harborough B 154 / 4

8th Leicester Penguins C 134 / 2

The League points were worth double in the final.

The club went into this gala ranked seventh place but the result meant Dolphins finished as the Division Two runners-up, winning promotion to division one for 2016.

2015 Division Two final table

1st Ilkeston 26 League points / 763 gala points


3rd Leicester Neptunes A 23 League points / 764 gala points

4th Melton Mowbray B 21 league points / 694 gala points

5th Burton 18 league points / 631 gala points

6th Market Harborough B 15 league points / 567 gala points

7th Wellingborough 15 league points / 554 gala points

8th Leicester Penguins C 9 League points / 485 gala points.

There were 20 individual personal best short course times recorded on the night.

This is a huge result, following on from the success of winning the 2014 Autumn League and being the second best team in the county after Northampton at the recent NASA County Championships


First places

1.Girls 11/u 4 x 25m free relay: Lottie Shaw / Emily Weller / Chelsie Winter / Lucy Browne

2.girls 15/u 4 x 50m free relay: Grace Hughes / Emily sharp / Keely Saville / Rachel Coates

3.Girls 13/u 4 x 50m free relay: Hannah Webber / Chelsie Winter / Lottie Shaw / Grace Hughes

4.Boys 13/u 4 x 50m free relay: Skip Snelson / Thomas Cramb / Matthew Natawidjaja / Stephen Loc

5.Girls open 4 x 50m free relay: Rachel Sullivan / Emily Smith-Williams / Emily Sharp / Keely Saville

6.Justin Murphy 11/u 25m back 20.40 pb

7.Rachel Coates 15/u 100m breast 1.24.95 pb

8.Rachel Sullivan open 100m free 1.02.65 pb

9.William Adhemar open 100m free 56.52

10.Lottie Shaw 11/u 25m breast 20.35 pb

11.Emily Sharp 15/u 50m fly 31.33 pb

12.Grace Hughes 13/u 50m free 32.20

13.Stephen Loc 13/u 50m free 30.66 pb

14.Rachel Sullivan open 100m back 1.09.38 pb

15.Lucy Browne 11/u 25m fly 17.11

16.Keely Saville 15/u 100m free 1.04.36 pb

17.Hannah Webber 13/u 50m back 36.32 pb

18.Skip Snelson 13/u 50m back 35.57 pb

19.Emily Smith-Williams open 100m breat 1.19.40

20.Lottie Shaw 11/u 25m free 15.92 pb

21.Emily sharp 15/u 100m back 1.10.14

22.Emily sharp open 100m fly 1.09.47 and subject to ratification new CLUB RECORD

23.Girls 11/u medley relay: as free

24.Girls 15/u medley realy; as free

25.Girls 13/u medley relay: as free

26.Boys 13/u medley relay: as free

27.Girls open medley relay: as free

28.Mixed ages G gender 8 x 25m freestyle relay: Lottie Shaw / Matthew Natawidjaja / Grace Hughes / Stephen Loc / Emily Sharp / Thomas Hughes / Emily Smith-williams / William Adhemar

Second places

1.Boys 11/u 4 x 25m free rely: Matthew Natawidjaja / Ruben Snelson / Justin Murphy / James Ward

2.Chelsie Winter 11/u 25m back 19.20

3.Stephen Loc 13/u 50m fly 34.57 pb

4.Thomas Hughes 15/u 100m free 1.04.10

5.Matthew Natawidjaja 11/u 25m free 17.09 pb

6.Thomas Hughes 15/u 100m back 1.16.59 pb

7.Hannah Webber 13/u 50m breast 44.26

8.William AAdhemar open 100m fly 1.02.92

9.Boys 15/u 4 x 50m medley relay: Thomas Hughes / Sam Ayris / Stephen Loc / Thomas Stevens

10.Boys 15/u 4 x 50m free relay: as medley

Third places

1.Boys open 4 x 50m free relay: George Jarman / Loren Snelson / Thomas Hughes / William Adhemar

2.Sam Ayris 15/u 100m breast 1.24.25 pb

3.James Ward 11/u 25m breast 22.93 pb

4.Justin Murphy 11/u 25m fly 20.02 pb

5.Skip snelson 13/u 50m breast 42.95 pb

6.Boys 11/u medley relay: as free

7.Boys open medley relay: as free

8.Sam Ayris 15/u 50m fly 34.61 pb

Fourth places

1.William Adhemar open 100m back 1.09.65

2.Loren Snelson open 100m breast

Fifth place

1.Lucy Browne aged 11 yrs but in the 13.u age group 38.75

THE B Team travelled to the De Montfort University Pool in Leicester for their gala and this proved to be just as exciting. There were 28 personal best times recorded.


1st Leicester Neptunes 164


3rd Braunstone B 134

4th Rushden B 131

5th Leicester Knighton Fields 104

The club only had eight eligible boys available and what superb efforts they put in

Saville celebrates as he lands three golds

Daventry Dolphins Silver Squad member Kian Saville competed at the British Blind Sport National Youth Swimming Gala for visually impaired swimmers at the Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull.

The 15-year-old won three gold medals for breast, back and front crawl and one silver medal for the individual medley but what was quite remarkable was the fact that at 6pm the previous evening, he was hooked up to the dosing machine receiving his weekly chemotherapy treatment.

Just 16 months ago, Kian (who has a rare genetic condition called Neurofibramatosis Type 2 a condition affecting the nervous system where tumours attach to the brain and spine) was an in-patient at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to have tumours removed from his brain.

He desperately wanted to continue with his swimming and he persuaded his consultant to have a special portacath (central line to administer the Avastin chemotherapy drug) fitted to allow him to do so.

This means that the treatment he receives will take longer, but on a positive note, it gives some normality to his restricted lifestyle as he is not allowed to play contact sports.

Since the operation, Kian’s eye sight has deteriorated and he has also experienced partial hearing loss, but it is hoped that he will soon receive confirmation of the Amateur Swimming Associations (ASA) classification to be able to enter the ASA disability events as a Visually Impaired (VI) competitor, as well as being allowed to enter and compete alongside able bodied competitors at County Level.

He currently represents the Dolphins in team galas and enters club championship events as an able-bodied swimmer. When Kian joined the club four years ago, it was known that he had a heart condition, blind in one eye with restricted vision in the other and then he developed the NF2 but to his credit he has never let it get him down.

Kian who is the 2014 Daventry District Disabled achiever of the Year is currently on the front cover of the VISION Spring 2015 magazine for visually impaired sportspeople of all ages.

Scarlett and Eliza Humphrey aged 10yrs from West Haddon who have competed at a Daventry Dolphins Development Gala in the past were also at this event for their first VI swimming gala.

Scarlett won two gold medals for 25m backstroke and a relay event, whilst twin sister Eliza won silver for 25m backstroke. ‘Tappers’ stand at the end of the pool and use a pole to tap the swimmers as they approach the wall indicating when the swimmers should turn or finish the race.

Dolphins are keen to diversify and promote inclusive swimming and is seeking with a local pool operator to provide opportunities for visually impaired swimmers.