SUNDAY FOOTBALL: Weakened Casey’s are edged out

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Casey’s were hampered with the loss through injury of several players, and sadly with a couple of no-shows as they went down 1-0 to Community Relations in the Rugby & District Sunday League Division One.

The game was decided vertually with the last kick of the game with a scrambled close-range effort.

Casey’s looked the better side for most of the game, with outstanding contributions from Stuart Clarke,Leigh Roberts,Chris Shackelton and Alex O’Connor.

The game could have and maybe should have turned towards a Casey’s victory when a a blatant hand ball on the line went unseen by the officials.

The second half was more open and several excellent tackles from Tony Burkett and Kevin Eales stopped relations scoring.

But the last-gasp goal streched Relations’ run to five wins, equalling Long Lawfords unbeaten record.

This week Casey’s travel to Yelvertoft in a must-win fixture to keep in contact with the frontrunners.