Wilder hails ‘outstanding’ Cobblers fans amid protest plans

Chris Wilder says the Cobblers supporters are not alone in wanting to know what direction the club is going in.
Chris WilderChris Wilder
Chris Wilder

But the Town boss insists he and everyone else must remain positive as the takeover process continues.

Chairman David Cardoza has come under fire from fans who want more information about the takeover by an Indian consortium and the future development of Sixfields.

Cardoza has told fans he is not in a position to answer those questions due to on-going discussions with the potential new owners.

However, he does insist the deal is “not far away from being completed”.

The supporters are now planning a peaceful protest at Saturday’s game against Oxford United, with the hashtag #WeWantAnswers fuelling the campaign on social media.

Wilder is not fazed by that and has instead praised the fans, whose frustrations he says he fully understands.

“I think they’ve been absolutely outstanding for us,” the Cobblers manager said.

“I’ll tell it as it is - I think the atmosphere was pretty flat (in the defeat to Dagenham) on Saturday.

“That’s off the back of seeing the stand not being built, they’re asking questions and that’s their prerogative as supporters.

“They’ve been here since me, since the chairman and since a lot of other people.

“They’re the ones who will be here when I’m gone and when the chairman’s gone.

“They were great against Colchester, fantastic at Newcastle and they’ve been great with me ever since I walked into the building.”

A few boos could be heard after last weekend’s disappointing 2-1 defeat to Dagenham at Sixfields.

And Wilder said: “We understand on the pitch if we concede daft goals, they’re going to have a moan and groan.

“That is heightened because they are frustrated and they’re in a situation where they’re in limbo.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m trying to keep my head down and keep the football side of the club together. That’s my main priority.

“Of course we all want the stand finished, we all want clarity on everything - I want answers as to where things are going and what the future holds because you hear all sorts of stuff from outside the football club, all sorts of rumours.

“But the top and bottom of it is that it’s the chairman’s club, he decides what direction it goes in.

“I’m employed by the club, as is the physio, as are the office staff.

“I’ve got nothing to say on the takeover because I don’t know anything myself.

“I’ve got to get on with the football side of it and, of course, I would like a positive environment for the players because I do believe with the way we’re trying to play and the young players we’ve got, they need that.

“At every football club, when the mood is positive off the pitch and the club is moving forward, everyone is clear of the expectations and ambitions, players produce their best performances.

“Players have to be strong enough and we have to be strong enough when things go wrong on the pitch to withstand the pressure supporters put on you, which is part and parcel of the game.

“I’ve been a supporter myself and I have a moan and groan when I go and watch my team, and as long as it’s not personal I understand that.

“Everyone wants the club to do well, we all want to see clarity and I as a manager and the players want to know what direction it’s going in.

“We all want this club to move forward, be strong and challenge at the top end of this league.”