Daventry boss Foster would like to see season extended

Darran Foster
Darran Foster

Daventry Town boss Darran Foster believes the Southern League should show some common sense and extend the season by a week.

The Evo-Stik Northern League have added an extra seven days to their calendar in a bid to fit all the fixtures in after the recent bout of bad weather.

And with sides such as Slough Town still having 14 games to play inside the next four weeks and no sign of the big freeze relenting, the Southern League could follow suit.

Daventry have 11 league games and a NFA Hiller Senior Cup final still to play, and Foster feels his side are in good shape in comparison to others.

But he can see plenty of reason behind putting the season’s end date back a week.

“I’m not sure whether our lot (the Southern League) will do that, as they haven’t in recent years,” said Foster. “If they decide not to then we’ll just get our heads down and get on with it.

“But I don’t see it doing any harm. It would be common sense really.”

Recent weather woes have been particularly problematic for Foster and Daventry as they have lost any momentum gained by good results in between the constant breaks from action.

The Communications Park side claimed a 3-1 win against Slough on March 12 before seeing their next game, at AFC Hayes called off. Foster then steered his men to a 2-1 win at Barton Rovers on March 19, but their Saturday date with Biggleswade and Tuesday night’s match against Leighton Town were both postponed.

It’s been a stop-start season for Daventry and their boss admits the adverse weather conditions are making life tough.

“We seem to hit a good run and then when we want to keep it going we haven’t been able to do it,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe how many games we’ve lost.”

Weather permitting, Daventry start a hectic run of games with a home match against Uxbridge on Saturday. And Foster is hoping his men can finally build some momentum.

“We’ve got to play Saturday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday this week and we’ll need to be fit,” he said. “You tend to get a better response out of the older ones when it comes to them keeping themselves fit, but they’ve all been looking after themselves and will be ready for Saturday.

“It would be nice to get a win against Uxbridge on Saturday then at Woodford on Monday and go into Thursday’s game against Biggleswade with a couple of wins under our belt.”