Daventry boss Foster up for the fight following budget cuts

Daventry Town boss Darran Foster
Daventry Town boss Darran Foster

Darran Foster says he will ‘fight like hell’ to stop Daventry Town slipping down the Southern League Division One Central table after seeing his budget cut to a size more suited to two steps below.

The club faces an uncertain future as chairman Iain Humphrey has opted to put it on the market, cutting the cash available to Foster in the process.

Consequently, six key men have departed in the past two weeks, with the likes of Luke Keen and Dior Angus seeking pastures new.

And although Foster admits more men could follow those out the door, the Town manager won’t go down without a fight.

“Two weeks ago I was told the budget had been cut and it’s something we can’t get away from,” said Foster, whose side are currently ninth in the table. “The social club is not making enough money.

“It was always going to be disappointing but you’ve got to look at the thinking behind it and the chairman’s got his reasons. The chairman has supported the club for a long time and I’m not going to question his reasons. Others might, but he’s told me there are no expectations now.

“We’ve got a UCL Division One budget and if it’s a case of going down then the club are prepared for that, but I’ll be fighting like hell to stop it happening.”

Humphrey will explain his reasons further at an extraordinary general meeting to be held on October 30.

In the meantime, Foster, who steered Town to a 2-1 win against Aylesbury on Tuesday night, will work hard, hoping someone comes in to invest in the Communications Park club.

He said: “Nobody knows what the future holds and unless we the club can get someone in as a backer it could be a long road.

“While I’ve got the side I have we can compete, but when it comes to a point when you’re travelling all over the country and can’t compete, you’ve got to look at yourselves.

“We’ve spoken to three or four lads from lower levels who won’t come because they won’t accept the money we’re offering.

“I’ll just keep trying to enjoy it here. I’m going to sit tight and see where it takes us.”