Cobblers boss Wilder calls for ‘clarity’ as ‘crunch time’ approaches

Cobblers boss Chris Wilder
Cobblers boss Chris Wilder

Cobblers manager Chris Wilder says he and all the staff at Sixfields are searching for ‘clarity’ about what the future holds at the club.

This week has seen the buyout of the club by a mystery Indian consortium fall through, and there are now just two days until the Borough Council’s deadline for repayment of the £10.25m loan given to the Cobblers to redevelop the stadium.

The off-field issues are once again dominating the team’s excellent form on it, and Wilder admits it is a source of worry and frustration that he is still having to field questions not relating to his team and onfield matters.

“I think everybody wants clarity of the situation and everything sorted out and moving on, so that we are talking about football issues,” said the Cobblers boss.

“We want that press conferences that aren’t filled with questions about off the field matters.

“We want it sorted, and I think every time the players and supporters look over at the east stand, that is not a great sight when there is no work done on it.

“So we want the overall future of the club to be secure, and work starting again on the stand which was obviously an exciting project, and one that everybody was looking forward to seeing completed.

“Whatever direction it is going we want to know what that is, then we can all get on and accept that.”

Wilder admits this week is probably ‘crunch time’ with regards to the Borough Council loan, but he is hoping that chairman David Cardoza, who insists he has other buyers lined up to take over the club, can come to an arrangement ensure the club can survive and prosper.

Asked if he is becoming concerned that the financial situation at the club could lead to his and his players’ wages not being paid, Wilder said: “That’s a fair comment.

“Until that situation happens and everything is concluded one way or the other, we know there will be speculation regarding my future, the players’ future, and also the welfare of the football club that we all want to be safeguarded.

“We enjoy working for the club, we understand that it has to be sorted and it is coming up to crunch time.

“Fingers crossed for everybody’s sake, the football staff, the office staff, and most importantly the supporters, because it is their football club.

“As I said, we need clarity and we can move forward pretty quickly and get things done, and if it isn’t then we just have to play the cards we are dealt when that time comes about.”

Wilder also took time out to once again praise the supporters of the club, calling them the ‘beating heart’ of the club, and saying he understands all of their concerns.

But he also made it clear that what the future holds is in the hands of chairman Cardoza.

“The supporters are the beating heart of the football club,” said Wilder.

“I have always said that they were here before me, and the players, and they will be here long after I have gone and all these players have gone.

“They support the club, they pay to come to the games and get behind their team, and from there point of view there is a concern in what direction the club is going to go in.

“They have had past troubles as well, so it’s not a new experience for a majority of supporters, but it really is a decision for the chairman, and it is in his hands.

“He has to deal with that, and the supporters, through different outlets, are voicing their concern and you would expect them to do that as supporters of a really good football club.”