Chairman explains about Daventry Town’s future

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THE future of Daventry Town Football Club has become clearer following its annual general meeting held last night (Thursday).

Below is a statement made by the club after the meeting:

It said: “Support for the club was shown in force yesterday as the local community attended the clubs 2012 AGM. The chairman was faced with some questions over the clubs historic and recent finances, as well as queries regarding recent management changes and players budgets.

“He started out by thanking everyone involved within the club as volunteers and paid tribute to the 1st Team, Ladies and junior sides. It was revealed that shebang’s sponsorship had amounted to £351,815 for the last financial year, but this was not sustainable for a local company in the process of making difficult decisions affecting local people. The committee has taken immediate action over recent weeks to put a realistic and manageable forecast together for the next period and there have already been some positive results with local businesses and sponsors to improve revenue. This had to include a full review of expenditure, and overheads have been reduced accordingly to keep operations sustainable. The club has not lost money during the past 5 years, but has not made any profit either and now is the time to ensure that it only has costs relevant to its income, with the ultimate aim being for the clubhouse to offer financial support to all of its teams.

“The Chairman explained that he had taken on Mark Kinsella as part of a 2 year plan but unfortunately like many clubs have to do, he had been forced to change direction due to the financial constraints. He formerly welcomed Darran Foster as the new 1st Team Manager and acknowledged the dedication already shown by Darran and his family within the club.

“It was asked if anyone involved within the club was at financial risk (referring back to the previous situation when committee members ended up with County Court Judgements) and the Chairman re-iterated that he would never put anybody in that situation other than himself. He also responded to questions regarding certain committee members being paid, pointing out that the committee is purely voluntary with only bar, cleaning, kitchen and maintenance staff being employed by the club on a paid basis.

“All questions were answered honestly as the Chairman showed his passion for the club and its progression is still very much alive, and great support for his efforts to date were shown from the floor leading to a round of applause.

“We have a hard working committee full of people willing to fulfil the clubs ambitions and one noticeable positive from the meeting was the fans setting out their intentions to form a supporters club to support the committee’s efforts.

“Mike Tebbitt resigned from the committee and his role as Vice Chairman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him on behalf of the club, for his efforts over recent seasons. Nigel Foster was voted into the role and the club extends a warm welcome to him and his family who are certainly no strangers to community football.

“The club was pleased to see other volunteers step forward for the committee and again extends a warm welcome to them and their families for the coming year. Steve Fowler (Treasurer), Jason O’Farrell, Darran Foster, Ian Stephenson, Brian Porter and Claire Robinson.

“Existing Committee members re-elected were, Iain Humphrey (Chairman), Matt Hogsden (Secretary), Dennis Job, Chris Clements, Pete Flockhart, Kurt Shingler, Sally Simpkin, Ben Jones, Harvey Potter, and Honorary Members Malcolm Hobbs, Frank Hobbs and Anne Hobbs who were given a special mention.

“With questions being answered and a strengthened committee focused on progression, there was a positive buzz following the meeting which can only be a good thing for a club with a bright future.”