Buckby boss Goodwin brands UCL refereeing ‘terrible’

NOT HAPPY - Long Buckby boss Scott Goodwin
NOT HAPPY - Long Buckby boss Scott Goodwin

Long Buckby boss Scott Goodwin has branded the standard of UCL refereeing as ‘terrible’, saying the men in black believe they have ‘special powers’.

Goodwin saw red last Saturday as he was sent from his dugout during the game against Huntingdon Town at Station Road. Huntingdon boss Ricky Marheineke was also dismissed, along with one of his players, but the referee did award the away side a late penalty which they scored to secure a 2-2 draw.

Goodwin, who was sent off after walking onto the pitch to protest about the penalty, was summoned by the man in the middle at the end of the game and received an apology.

But that did little to quell the anger of the Bucks boss, who is bemused by the standard of officiating at step five.

“It’s terrible,” he said. “I’m not going to make any qualms about it.

“The referees haven’t played the game and for them it’s all about getting assessed.

“When I spoke to the referee at the end I said to him that we were just two human beings, but he still had this swagger.

“You can’t always blame the referee, because it’s not always their fault, but they think they’ve got special powers.

“You can’t talk to them without them thinking you’re having a go at them, but they can speak to you. It should be a two-way thing.

“Some of them aren’t good enough, some of them aren’t strong enough and some of them are just there to make headlines.”