Buchanan opens up on Sixfields altercation with Cobblers supporters

Dave Buchanan
Dave Buchanan

Cobblers defender David Buchanan has cleared up the reason behind his altercation with a supporter following Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to AFC Wimbledon.

A photo was posted on social media of Buchanan standing among a group of supporters in the main stand at Sixfields after the full-time whistle, with the defender appearing to shake hands with a young fan.

There had been numerous audible moans and groans from home fans throughout the game as Town suffered a third straight defeat at Sixfields, beaten by Harry Forrester’s second-half goal to leave them second-bottom in Sky Bet League One.

Buchanan is known as someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, and while he will always appreciate the support both he and the team receive, he also felt it necessary to confront a selection of fans on Saturday for their comments. “Everyone knows about the altercation I had with the fans, but I was just saying to them that this club has been in worse positions than where we are now and we’ve come out of top,” explained Buchanan.

“It’s important that everybody at the club - the staff, the players, the supporters - we all stick together and there’s no better supported team in this league, so we’ve just got to keep going.”

On why he felt it was necessary to go into the stands at full-time, he added: “To be fair, they were young lads, 17 or 18, and I don’t want altercations with supporters.

After the game there was a group of lads who were trying to call me out for a fight and that

Cobblers defender Dave Buchanan

“Every time I step out onto the pitch, I give my best for the team and I clap the supporters because I appreciate everything they do and they pay their hard-earned money.

“But, whether I’m here or it’s someone else, they’ll still be Northampton fans at the end of the day and after the game there was a group of lads who were trying to call me out for a fight and that.

“I just said to them: grow up a little bit because we’re in this together and we’ll get out of it.

“Remember where the club was two or three years ago and look what’s happened - just keep believing in what we’re doing, stick together and we’ll move forward together.

“I believe in the fans. I got a lot of nice messages from supporters which was nice.”