Boothroyd ‘relaxed’ as he waits for players to commit to Cobblers

OFFER ON THE TABLE - but Nathan Cameron has yet to sign the contract offered him by the Cobblers
OFFER ON THE TABLE - but Nathan Cameron has yet to sign the contract offered him by the Cobblers

Cobblers boss Aidy Boothroyd says he is ‘relaxed’ about whether or not the five players he has offered new contracts to will sign them.

The Town manager offered new deals to seven players last week, and defenders Kelvin Langmead and Lee Collins have already put pen to paper on two-year contracts.

Boothroyd is still waiting for confirmation from Luke Guttridge, Ben Harding, Ben Tozer, Nathan Cameron and Roy O’Donovan that they want to stay at Sixfields.

But he says he is not going to get anxious about their decisions, and feels the lure of signing for what he deems to be a progressive club such as the Cobblers may persuade them to stay.

When asked if he was confident all the players would sign the deals on the table, Boothroyd said: “I don’t know.

“Everybody has their own individual needs, and what you do know is that when players do well then other people are going to be looking at them and wanting them.

“But I’m quite relaxed about it.

“While a lot of the players might have other offers, I do think we’ve got something good going here and they have improved since they have been here.

“A lot of them have been at clubs where they have maybe lost their way a little bit or not been loved or looked after like they are here.

“Plus, this is a good platform here and we’re going to find it easy to attract players to the club than we did when we were bottom of the league.

“We had to practically kidnap players then but we’re a more attractive proposition now.”

The balancing act for Boothroyd is that he won’t be able to chase other targets he may have until he gets a yes or no from the players offered deals.

But the Cobblers boss believes that Sixfields is now going to be a place where players want to come to.

“I don’t think there’ll be a shortage of people that want to come and join us, but we have to get the balance right” said Boothroyd.

“We’ve had a lot of good things happen this year but I’m ambitious and I’m ruthless and I want even better next season.

“I do hope the lads we’ve offered contracts to sign - we’ve offered them deals for a reason and that’s because I want them here.”